Check out this video capturing some of the most powerful moments from our October 2016 "White Faces, Black Lives" conference, which recognized how the white face of the current opioid crisis has engendered a more compassionate set of responses than past drug epidemics that were seen as affecting largely Black and/or Latinx communities. Learn more: [ Link ]
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Psychedelics should be part of the discussion when it comes to dealing with addiction and skyrocketing rates of overdose deaths. These new findings reflect the experiences of many people who have found psychedelics to be life-changing tools.

Psychedelics Help Reduce Opioid Addiction, According to New Study
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It's so much more complicated than just putting up a wall.

Why Trump’s Wall Won’t Keep Out Heroin
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Our #BlackHistoryMonth series in partnership with The Root continues with an interview featuring the brilliant Dr. Samuel Roberts, an expert in the field of African-American and public health history and politics.

"For most of our history, the drugs that we decided are the most dangerous were the ones that were associated with people who were not white. It’s really never about the drug...
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The Scholar: Samuel K. Roberts Jr. on Drug Policy, Radical Recovery and 'Capital Flight'
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DPA Board member Dr.Carl Hart shares his wisdom in Nature News and Comment, arguing that thinking of addiction as a disease of the brain has led to unrealistic, costly, and harmful drug policies.

"There are virtually no data in humans indicating that addiction is a disease of the brain, in the way that, for instance, Huntington's or Parkinson's are diseases of the brain... We are nowhere near...
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Viewing addiction as a brain disease promotes social injustice
Minor offenses like simple marijuana possession can lead to losing your job, housing, benefits, etc. If you are undocumented, it can even mean deportation. We must end the "Broken windows" style of policing that makes immigrants and others the victims of unnecessary arrests and disproportionate punishment.

Sanctuary Cities in Name Only
Jeff Sessions was confirmed as Attorney General, and now you can tell your Senators how you feel about their vote. We can't let Jeff Sessions and the Trump Administration ramp up the drug war! Urge your Senators to stand against any attempts to escalate the failed war on drugs.

TAKE ACTION: Don't let Sessions ramp up the drug war
With drug war extremists in power, we need YOU to become one of 500 new sustaining members today. Your ongoing support during this crucial year will help us challenge zealots who try to roll back our progress. Join DPA's most committed group of advocates with a monthly gift now.

Join the Reformers Club Today
Legalization works! Since marijuana was legalized, Colorado has raised tons of money for school construction, treatment services, and other crucial programs that help the state's residents. Plus, thousands of people are no longer getting arrested. It’s time the nation looks to do the same thing.
The Affordable Care Act prioritized mental health and addiction treatment. It expanded coverage and access to crucial services that have been helping millions of people who struggle with addiction. President Trump wants to get rid of the ACA, but he also said he'd address the opioid epidemic and expand access to drug treatment.

Which is it, Mr. President?

Addiction Treatment Grew Under Health Law. Now What?
Wanda James and her husband Scott Durrah became the first African American people in Colorado to own a marijuana dispensary. Check out this great interview with Wanda where she talks about becoming the first African American marijuana dispensary owners in Colorado, and their efforts to raise awareness about the “Green Rush” and the wealth of opportunities for African American and Latinx people...
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The Pioneer: Wanda James, the 1st Black Woman to Own a Marijuana Dispensary, Gets Real
This is what drug policy reform looks like! Under a new plan requested by Colorado's Governor and Dept. of Human Services, more than $6 million from the state's marijuana-tax cash fund would be used each year for programs that offer help to people who struggle with drug dependency and mental health issues as opposed to criminalizing them.

Pot Taxes Pay for Public-Health Approach to Drug Use Under "Game-Changing" Plan
New Jersey is setting an example for the rest of the country. Bail reform is necessary! [ Link ]
Thank you to everyone who took action in an effort to #StopSessions from becoming Attorney General. We'll be ready if/when he comes for the victories we fought so hard to secure. If the Administration tries to roll back marijuana reform or to undermine criminal justice reform they will find themselves even less popular than they are now.”

Senate Votes to Confirm Jeff Sessions for U.S. Attorney General
Yesterday President Trump sat down with sheriffs to discuss law enforcement strategies, and asset forfeiture was a topic widely discussed. It was clear Trump did not know anything about asset forfeiture prior to the meeting, and after he got a one-sided lesson from the law enforcement community, it was predictable how it would turn out – he gave it a big thumbs-up. But we won't let Trump's...
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Egged on by Sheriffs, Trump Endorses Police Practice of Taking Property from Innocent People
The Drug Policy Alliance planned the bail reform campaign, developed the messaging and strategy, drafted the legislation and built the coalition to support the reform. We took on the multi-billion dollar commercial bail industry and won.

New Jersey's Historic Bail Reform Law is Now in Effect and It's Already Keeping Thousands Out of Jail
The U.S. Senate will likely vote tomorrow and confirm Jeff Sessions as our next Attorney General. Sessions not only has a terrible record on civil rights, racial justice and drug policy, he is also at odds with many conservatives and libertarians on privacy, criminal justice reform, and other issues. If we are going to #StopSessions, we need some Republicans to stand up for their core...
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Why Conservatives Should Oppose Jeff Sessions And The Drug War
One cannot discuss black history in its entirety without discussing the war on drugs – and dismantling that war will shape the future for black Americans. In 2013, this truth led Kassandra Frederique, New York State director for the Drug Policy Alliance, to create a series dedicated to drug-policy reformers to place the urgent need for justice squarely in the #BlackHistoryMonth narrative.

Kassandra Frederique, Drug Policy Alliance's Black History Month Series Visionary, Talks Owning Our Narratives
The National Football League (NFL) is the clearest example of a backwards marijuana policy.

End The Ban On Marijuana In Sports
Jeff Sessions thinks the way to reduce demand for illicit drugs is by sending more people to prison. He has said that “good people don’t smoke marijuana.” He is a leading advocate for harsh mandatory minimum drug sentencing laws that have exacerbated mass incarceration. At every opportunity Sessions has defended the war on drugs and his role in it. #StopSessions

Jeff Sessions will double down on failed drug war