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Drug Policy Alliance
yesterday at 21:00. Facebook
All of our victories on medical marijuana and marijuana legalization are in jeopardy. We can't get too comfortable – it's time to organize and start preparing to defend all the progress we’ve made.

Jeff Sessions’ Coming War on Legal Marijuana

Drug Policy Alliance
12/01/2016 at 19:56. Facebook
For World AIDS Day, we reflect on what still needs to be done to ensure sterile syringe access to prevent HIV transmission in people who use drugs.

World AIDS Day: We Can’t End AIDS Until We End the War on Drugs

Drug Policy Alliance
11/30/2016 at 20:00. Facebook
President Obama just went further than he ever has before on his support for reforming our marijuana laws. He said that marijuana use should be treated as a public-health issue similar to tobacco or alcohol and called the current patchwork of state and federal laws regarding the drug “untenable.”

Obama says marijuana should be treated like ‘cigarettes or alcohol’

Drug Policy Alliance
11/30/2016 at 16:01. Facebook
Yesterday the FDA approved large-scale clinical trials of MDMA to treat PTSD – a final step before its approval as a prescription drug. Congrats to our friends at Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) for making this happen!

F.D.A. Agrees to New Trials for Ecstasy as Relief for PTSD Patients

Now is the time to act, Mr. President!! Free as many people as you can before you leave! Thanks to cut50 and this coalition for calling on President Obama to expand his clemency efforts in the final weeks of his administration.

Coalition Calls On Obama Administration For Expedited Clemency Review

Drug Policy Alliance
11/29/2016 at 19:00. Facebook
In a speech yesterday Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to kill human-rights activists who obstruct his bloody drug war. He also addressed people who use drugs, saying: “If you go out, you sons of b-tches, I will kill you if I see you outside." Sign our petition to Secretary of State John Kerry to cut off any security funding while the murders continue: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Human-Rights Defenders Are Now in Duterte's Crosshairs

Drug Policy Alliance
11/29/2016 at 15:00. Facebook
Today, for #GivingTuesday, we're matching your gift to end the disastrous drug war – because the drug war is used as an excuse to destroy countless live and communities. Donate before midnight and it will be DOUBLED up to $100K. We need your partnership to end this tragic war.

Our $100K match opportunity

Great news continues to come out of California after they passed Prop. 64 and legalized marijuana!

"California judges are now setting free scores of people whose pending cases are no longer cases at all… And potentially tens of thousands of citizens with a rap sheet for pot can clear their names."

Green wave: Legalized marijuana setting scores of defendants free

We won an important battle last month when the DEA took the unprecedented step of delaying kratom prohibition. Now, they’re requesting public comments on why kratom should not be banned until this Thursday, Dec. 1st. You can submit your comment at the link below, and learn more by reading this: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Here are some useful talking points:

- Banning kratom expands the war on drugs,...
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Tell the DEA Why You Think Kratom Should NOT Be Banned

Pres. Obama has commuted the sentences of more than 1,000 people, and there are thousands more who deserve to be set free. We can’t expect anything like this once Donald Trump becomes president.

Urge President Obama to free more victims of the drug war before the end of this year!

TAKE ACTION: Urge Pres. Obama to Free Victims of the Drug War

Pres. Obama just commuted the sentences of 79 more people incarcerated in federal prison, almost all of whom were serving time under outdated and harsh drug sentences. This brings his total number of commutations to more than 1,000! Thank you President Obama!

President Obama Commutes the Sentences of 79 More People, Bringing His Total to more than 1,000

Jeff Sessions would be a nightmare as Attorney General. Send a message to your Senators telling them to oppose his nomination: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Jeff Sessions is a drug war extremist. It’s time to fight back! Email your Senators now to oppose Jeff Sessions for Attorney General: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Donald Trump has picked Jeff Sessions to be the next Attorney General. Sessions is a racist, a proponent of harsh sentences for drug offenses and he is likely to use his power as Attorney General to close down state-legal marijuana and medical marijuana programs. We can’t let this stand. Tell your Senators to oppose Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.

TAKE ACTION: Oppose Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

Because of felony disenfranchisement, over two million Black people could not vote in last week’s week election, in large part because of the drug war and other reprehensible policies that purposefully target Black communities. Check out this powerful video on felony disenfranchisement from our partner, Pastor Kenneth Glasgow, and read more here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
This is why California said #YesOn64! There are a bunch of people who are getting out of jail early or not being pulled into the criminal justice system in the first place since California legalized marijuana last week.

Californians are already having their marijuana charges downgraded

The prospect of Donald Trump as our next president is deeply concerning. While Trump has repeatedly pledged to respect state marijuana laws, his vice president and his most likely appointees to senior law enforcement positions (Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie) have consistently opposed marijuana law reform. And Trump’s rhetoric on broader criminal justice issues has been draconian. On a...
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Marijuana Wins Big, As Dark Struggles Loom

Marijuana won big across the country last night. Overall, legalization initiatives prevailed in four out of five states and medical marijuana initiatives prevailed in all four states this year. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Arkansas just became the 28th state to legalize medical marijuana! Second state in the South!
Nevada just became the 7th state to legalize marijuana! [ Bit.ly Link ]