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11/30/2016 at 06:40. Facebook
Trends may come and go but classic is forever.
There’s so much choc malted goodness in our Drumstick Choc Malted Mega Milkshake flavour, you may find it hard to stop at one or two... or four!
Photo cred: @healthy_beauty_addict_
Jam donuts, chocolate milkshakes, mixed lollies and musk sticks. The great Aussie milk bar has given life to so many classic flavours over the years. What flavour would you like to see in a Drumstick?
We’ve been around since 1963 but one question still remains: Do you eat your Drumstick top or choc tip first?
Exclusive interview with the winner of the first ever National Sliding Championships - Sam Sliding Science Man from VIC
Congratulations to Sam from Victoria on winning the first annual Sliding championships! Hamish & Andy Fox FM

Australia’s First Annual Sliding Championship | Hamish & Andy

Our Milk Bar flavours bring all the boys to the yard... well at least a couple of them... @hamishandandy #milkbarflavoursthatlltakeyouback #drumstickmilkbar
Somewhere in our Jammy Custard Donut Drumstick is a delicious gooey custard glob… can you guess where?

Photo cred: @healthy_beauty_addict_
Here’s to a little Aussie legend – Fly Strips. They let the breeze in and kept the bugs out and meant you could exit the milk bar with your hands full of Drumsticks. Genius! What’s your favourite little Aussie legend?
Our Choc Malted Mega Milkshake flavour will take you back to the days when 10 cents could buy you mixed lollies from your local milk bar. Legendary childhood memories 
Photo cred: @hulksmashfood
Before Pokemon Go and Candy Crush there was Galaga, Frogger and Pac-Man. What are your favourite retro arcade games?
Once you taste our new Choc Malted Mega Milkshake flavour, you’ll want to hide yours too! #drumstickmilkbar #hideyourdrumstick
There's so much to love about our new Jammy Custard Donut flavour. Unlike hot jam donuts, ours won't burn your tongue! ;)
Cheers to the weekend!!
We’ve been around since 1963 and the age old question still stands – how do you eat your Drumstick? Top or tip first?
Ever wondered what’s inside our Choc Malted Mega Milkshake Drumstick? Well here's one that @diaryofange cut open for us. Or you could just eat one instead!
Good friends are those who come baring Drumsticks. Who agrees?
If you're looking for Aussie milk bar flavours that'll take you back, you can't go past jam & custard donuts. We combined the deliciousness of both into our new DRUMSTICK JAMMY CUSTARD DONUT flavour. You're welcome!
Photo cred: @cakestyle_
Just about every Aussie has made this journey in their life.... a trip

down to the local Milk Bar.