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How do you Summer? Show us for your chance to win 1of 5 Summer celebration prize packs by taking a selfie, photo or video that sums up your celebration of the “Classic Aussie Summer”, upload it to Instagram and tag @Drumstickaus #Drumsticksummer.
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NEW SALTED CARAMEL WHITE CHOC with a white choc tip | so damn good #drumsticksummer #sweetnsalty
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Something exciting is around the corner... Stay tuned.
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Summer is the best time to share a Drumstick. So we asked award winning illustrator/ artist/designer and all-round Aussie legend Eamon Donnelly, to design a one-off Drumstick Aussie Summer Celebrations Pack. It's sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next BBQ! Available in Coles & Woolies now!
SPOTTED!! There's a NEW DRUMSTICK SALTED CARAMEL WHITE CHOC flavour hitting grocery freezers...and it's half price at Coles this week!!! Get in quick!!
Water bombs, long beach days, road trips and munching on a Drumstick are what make Aussie Summers the best!
Video credits: @sjwark @beanpoleproductions
What a year it’s been! Thank you to all of our fans for your continued support of our classic and new Milk Bar flavours. Bring on 2017!!
Can’t decide between which of our latest Milk Bar flavours you like better… Por que no los dos? #whynothaveboth #drumstickmilkbar
The great Australian milk bar – the nation’s original and best social network.
Tired of offering the same old nibbles at your xmas function? Try offering a real crowd pleaser at your next xmas party like @ jennifer__chong did with our Choc Malted Mega Milkshake Drumstick?
Have you tried our latest Milk Bar inspired flavours yet? If not, we suggest you skate, scoot or cycle your way to the nearest freezer and try one immediately!
What’s better than enjoying an icy cold chocolate milkshake on a Summer’s day? Munching on a Choc Malted Mega Milkshake Drumstick – that’s what!
Trends may come and go but classic is forever.
There’s so much choc malted goodness in our Drumstick Choc Malted Mega Milkshake flavour, you may find it hard to stop at one or two... or four!
Photo cred: @healthy_beauty_addict_
Jam donuts, chocolate milkshakes, mixed lollies and musk sticks. The great Aussie milk bar has given life to so many classic flavours over the years. What flavour would you like to see in a Drumstick?
We’ve been around since 1963 but one question still remains: Do you eat your Drumstick top or choc tip first?
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