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In January our drivers head to Las Vegas, Nevada to compete in the world's biggest virtual eRace at the CES. The prize? $1 Million USD. To up the ante, FIA Formula E have assigned us a professional gamer to train up Sam Jamie Bird and Jose Maria "Pechito" Lopez . But who will it be? Find out this coming Thursday!
Very cool event last night as our friends at DS opened their Urban Store in Westfield London. Check it out if you get the chance!
Early morning Q&A at our bloggers breakfast!
In the main room of HPE Discover . So much blue!
Our partners HPE are in town for HPE Discover this week, so we thought we'd give them a little 24 hour guide to our city! [ Medium.com Link ]

This week sees Hewlett Packard Enterprise return to Excel London for Discover 2016, the ultimate… – DS Virgin Racing

Our Argentinian driver a little nervous this week ahead of England vs Argentina rugby tomorrow...
We held a discussion on the future of electric vehicles over Marrakech race weekend. Check out the highlights of our Innovation Summit here:
In Marrakech we held our Innovation Summit in the pit lane. Check out what was discussed when it's released later today!
"Hey guys. Did I tell you about that time in Marrakech where I took 2nd pla-" / "Yes Sam, yes you did..."
Time to smile... We're almost over Hump Day
We miss this walk to work in the mornings...
Our engineers hard at work on the development car in Versailles, France
Our wheel change takes less than 3 seconds, but a liftetime in slow motion. Sort of like Mondays...
The car you know... From the angles you don't
A new meaning to the term trackside view...
What a weekend in Marrakech... next stop the Las Vegas eRace!
Powering onto the podium in Marrakech: here's our highlights video from the weekend!
That's a wrap, Marrakech!