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Photo from #EDCIN by @baricci for Insomniac Events
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Back on stage next week, over at Taalbelia Festival in Mandawa on the 26th of this month.
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Exploring Old Delhi with one of my favourite photographers, Anand Mohapatra Photography
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such mood
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From last month's show at Koramangala Social. Great venue, great vibes.
Life in supercolour

Photo by @dotmont_ on Instagram
Just hanging with my friends Nucleya, Nicholson and Rahul backstage!

#throwback #weekender
Looking forward to playing this brand new festival - Taalbelia on the 26th of Jan. Some really good acts on the bill.
Great start to 2017 atop the Red Bull Tour Bus at Guwahati.
First gig of the year over in Guwahati atop the Red Bull Tour Bus. 8.1.2017 - Let the rollercoaster ride begin.
Bangalore! In your city on the Friday, the 13th!
Everything You Didn’t Know About The Poster Boy Of Electronic Music In India

When Dualist Inquiry Reveals About Bad Gigs, It’s Badass

Great to see VIOLET sitting at the top of this list :)

10 Best Indian Videos of 2016

Sunrise = favourite time to play ☀
Glad to announce my first gig of 2017! Atop the Red Bull Tour Bus in Guwahati. 8th January.
End of year vibes ❤ Merry Christmas everyone!
Dualist Diary #006 - Pune Weekender, meeting Struggling Actor Vicky Malhotra and The F16's breaking shit

Special thanks to Sean Graham for his footage of the gig
Dualist Diary #005 - Making music in Sydney!

Shoutout to all the amazing people I met on this trip, can't wait to be back very soon :)
Editorial shoot with GQ in beautiful Leh ☺

Styled by Tanya Vohra, Shot by R Burman
Stoked to be playing for the first time at Koramangala Social tomorrow. Hearing great things about the place.