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We are now stocking the Ancol Happy at Heel Harness!

And so far the feedback has been AMAZING!!!

"Stops your dog pulling and helps you gain control whilst walking on the lead.

Use this positive training aid as instructed for perfect results.
This harness, by its action, will guide your dog round when you stop and if necessary, take a step back without using force. This will enable you to...
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It is with great sadness we have to write this post. One of our beloved Dublin SPCA Pet Boarding day-care regulars Snowy lost her battle with Cancer Tuesday night. Our thoughts are with all her family & her sibling Ghost From all the staff,interns, trainers & volunteers in the DSPCA x
*** Reactive Rover ***
Reactive Rover 3 week course is particularly suited to reactive dogs, as we will work on building your dog’s social skills during this course, helping them to become more comfortable around other dogs and working towards meeting other dogs and people appropriately.
Because of the nature of this course, places are very limited, so early booking is advisable to avoid...
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** 2017 dates now live to book **

Not coming when called? Jumping up on people, barking, chewing, Begging for food, separation anxiety?
Don't worry we are here to help!

PUPPY MANNERS course is a 5 week course, ideal puppies from 8 to 20 weeks.
BOOK NOW [ Kingofpaws.com Link ]

GOOD DOG – Basic Course - Level 1 Obedience,this course is suitable for older puppies and adult dogs, that are...
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How adorable is this pair!?!.....Pig & Rhubarb.

Pig is attending our Christmas Manners course on Monday evenings and also a regular to our day-care at Dublin SPCA Pet Boarding, his cuteness has won us all over!

Thank you Brian for sharing.
A little tip we love to dog proof the Christmas tree ..

Line the lower branches of the tree with bells of all shapes and sizes. The ringing will alert you to any time your dog gets near to the tree, so you can then step in and redirect their attention.

You know that classic line, β€œEvery time a bell rings, an angel earns his wings”?
Well, now in your house, every time a bell rings, a dog is...
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Take the hassle out of Christmas shopping and shop from the comfort of your home or office on our online shop [ Dspca.ie Link ]
Get your pets photo taken with SantaPaws

Photos will be taken by Pet Photographer The Wet Nose Studio

All enquiries please call our Dublin SPCA Pet Boarding reception 01-4994790/5
Email: petboarding@dspca.ie


Book in at reception when your dropping off your dog to Day-care or Hotel
These adorable pups have just completed our level 1 Puppy Manners course at Bushy Park. Congrats all!!
A big well done to the dogs who graduated from our Good Dog and Great Dog courses at Bushy Park today!
Sweet puppy Lola graduated from our Puppy Manners course at Bushy Park today ❀
Our popular Teen Trio course with a Christmas twist
Fee: 3 Week course is €75
Duration: 1 Hour class each week
SPACES NOW LIMITED book now at [ Kingofpaws.com Link ]

Topics covered
1) How to behave when people arrive to your home
2) Keep your dog busy when you have guests
3) Mental Stimulation
4) Go to bed and stay with distractions
5) food manners
6) Recall and...
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Does your pet eat their food too fast?

For the sake of your dogs health you need to slow them down...

Eating to fast can cause vomiting, digestive upset , gastrointestinal problems & stomach issues (just to name a few)

Slowing down the speed of your pet eating helps improve digestion and nutrient absorption.

Slow feeders are available in many different sizes and forms. They also keep...
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Cat & Dog Feeding Bowls – DSPCA

Shop our Fairy Collection online now... Perfect time to magically appear near your Christmas Tree and keep an eye on children & pets :) Availabile in Reception also

[ Dspca.ie Link ]

The Fairy Collection – DSPCA

Some of today's FREE Puppy Play date attendees

Junior (up to 16 weeks)
Every Saturday 10.00am
Excluding Bank Holiday Weekend

Senior (From 16 weeks to 6 Month)
Every Saturday 10.45am
Excluding Bank Holiday Weekend

A safe and fun environment to learn social skills
Build a lifetime bond with your puppy while learning about puppy play and social development from a DSPCA Dog...
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Puppy Play Dates up to 16 weeks
On our way to the FREE Puppy Play Dates

Kicking off at 10am @ The DSPCA Dog park
Light up Collars now back in Stock in our Reception

One size fits all (adjust by cutting to size)

Charges via USB

Call us on 01-4994790/5 for all enquiries

Or buy online via this link

[ Dspca.ie Link ]
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