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Are you going to visit Dublin Zoo this weekend?

Remember to be at Sea Lion Cove at 2.15pm to see California Sea Lions Sienna, Florence, Cassie, and Nico being fed!

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Dublin Zoo
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24 hours in Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo is an active place from daybreak to darkness and different animals tick to different body clocks, explains Dublin Zoo Director, Leo Oosterweghel, who lives at the Zoo.

Much of what Leo is about to tell you is unseen by visitors. Click here: goo.gl/qXSSJi
Dublin Zoo
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*True or false*

Dublin Zoo is home to three generations of elephants?
Dublin Zoo
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Our keeper talks will be taking place daily during the midterm break!

Learn more about the California sea lions, Bornean orangutans and Asian lions from the knowledgeable keepers at Dublin Zoo.

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Keeper Talks taking place at Dublin Zoo. - Dublin Zoo, Ireland.

Dublin Zoo
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Fan photo of the week!

This week’s fan photo is this great picture taken by @klspix.

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Dublin Zoo
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Did you know?

Male orangutans have large throat pouches and cheek pads. They weigh up to 80 kg, making them the largest tree living mammal.

Visit the orangutans in the Orangutan Forest at Dublin Zoo open daily from 9.30am.

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Image credit: Daniel Pyke
Dublin Zoo
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Since 2000, Dublin Zoo has supported the Golden Lion Tamarin Conservation Project.

This project is an international conservation initiative which aims to conserve the endangered primate species and its habitat, the Atlantic Coastal Rainforests of South-Eastern Brazil.
Caption This!

Can you think of a good caption for this great pic, taken by Suzanne Lalor?

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Today is National Hippo Day!

Keeper’s Secret…

A hippo can open its mouth over a metre wide and a male's teeth can grow up to 70cm long. They can hold their breath for up to five minutes.
❤ Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone at Dublin Zoo! ❤

Did you know? Only 2% of mammal species are monogamous. Most mammals live in a family group or solitarily. Siamang gibbons, gold lion tamarins and marmosets are some of the monogamous animals at Dublin Zoo.
Booking for our Spring Teen Workshop is open!

Conservation of endangered species is the job of any modern zoo. In this day-long camp, we will learn about animal conservation in Dublin Zoo and in the wild.

We will look at feeding enrichment for one of our animals and talk to keepers about animal care. This camp is the perfect opportunity to learn about what experience and qualifications it...
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Fan photo of the week!

This week’s fan photo is this great picture taken by Pat Browne.
While the human population continues to grow at a fast rate, chimpanzee numbers are falling. Read about the Tacugama chimpanzee sanctuary Dublin Zoo is supporting since 2009. goo.gl/bQAL64
Join us at the many events happening at Dublin Zoo this year.

You can view the full 2017 calendar here:

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Calendar of Events happening at Dublin Zoo. - Dublin Zoo, Ireland.

Can you guess which animal at Dublin Zoo this hand belongs to?
The sea lions at Dublin Zoo love making a splash!

Find out about their habitat ‘Sea Lion Cove’ and the colony of sea lions at Dublin Zoo here: [ Dublinzoo.ie Link ]
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We're giving away a pair of tickets to one lucky couple to our ‘Valentine's Date Morning at the Zoo’. To be in with a chance to win, simply like the post and tag your Valentine!

Winner will be announced on Wednesday morning. Good luck!
Fan photo of the week!

This week’s fan photo is this great picture taken by Arno Dorange.
Visit Dublin Zoo’s African Savanna this weekend to catch a glimpse of the giraffes, zebras, southern white rhinos and the newest addition to the rhino herd Zuko!

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