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Time to get serious for the late season.

10 Strategies For Decoy-Shy Ducks
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Back by popular demand! The DU Camo Duffle Bag is our GIFT to you when you join or renew your Ducks Unlimited membership.

Free DU Camo Duffle Bag!
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How good is your dog's nose?

Super Sniffers
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Calling wigeon offers versatility and realism

Diversify your calling strategies: Wigeon
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A closer look at the fascinating mating strategies of male ducks and geese

Understanding Waterfowl: Drakes and Ganders
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Encapsulating versatility and beauty

Photo Essay: The Redhead
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This classic long-range call is just as effective today as it was 50 years ago

The Highball Duck Call
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Tender and tasty, this popular snack food is the ultimate duck blind treat

Fresh Oven Jerky
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Learn how to call geese. All of them.

Calling All Geese
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Gaining weight is a good thing for waterfowl during fall and winter

Understanding Waterfowl: Fat Is Fit
Retriever Trainer Mike Stewart explains the importance of tone of voice and body position when communicating with your dog

Tone of Voice
An in-depth report on the state of northern pintail populations and DU's efforts to conserve their habitats

Status of the Pintail
Here’s a new twist on classic waterfowl recipes

Five Classic Waterfowl Recipes
While mallards are now found across much of the United States and Canada, they were once relatively rare in the Atlantic Flyway. In fact, mallards did not begin to move east in significant numbers until sometime around 1900.

Understanding Waterfowl: Mallards and Their Relatives
Wild duck side dishes are a perfect way to add wild game to any meal

Wild Ducks on the Side
Illinois River Bottoms Decoy Spread: Not a single element looks unnatural or staged. The lesson here is that even if you're throwing out a mega decoy spread, it's still all about the details. Learn more about this decoy spread.
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When it comes to tolling ducks from long distances, metal-reed duck calls can be hard to beat

Waterfowler's Notebook: A Blast from the Past
Time to switch up your decoy strategy to something more suitable to winter weather.

Weather-Driven Decoy Tactics
See where autoloaders began.

Origins of the Autoloader