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By supporting DU's wetlands and waterfowl conservation efforts, we can all help make the world a better place

Why the Mission Matters
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Retriever Training: Heat Exhaustion
Retriever Trainer Mike Stewart discusses the dangers of heat exhaustion and how to prevent it.
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These small, shallow-flooded basins are vital to waterfowl production on the prairies

Understanding Waterfowl: Seasonal Wetlands and Breeding Ducks
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Retriever Training: Off-the-Ground Retrieves
Retriever trainer Mike Stewart shows how to train your dog to find birds that might have fallen into trees or other places above the ground.
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The North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) has helped conserved 33.4 million acres of our nation’s most important wildlife habitat. Contact your Senators and members of Congress today and ask them to support #NAWCA2018 funding!

Let Congress Know You Support Funding for Wetlands
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Ducks in the Desert Initiative: On the surface, the wetlands of Utah, Nevada, and Arizona might not seem very important to ducks or duck enthusiasts. However, the scarce and priceless wetland oases in this arid region actually serve a surprising number of waterfowl and hunters. Wetlands dot the landscape in seemingly random patterns, yet each fulfills a critical role in waterfowl migration,...
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Good duck callers are made, not born. Becoming efficient in the field takes more than dusting off your duck call two days before the opener and blowing a series of quacks through the barrel.

Clean Up Your Call
See if any of these DU projects are near you!

Crown Jewels of Conservation
Historic decoy auction to benefit waterfowl habitat conservation in Canada

Own a Piece of Waterfowling History
Share this with someone who needs to touch up on their Waterfowl ID

Waterfowl ID, Duck ID, Duck Sounds, Duck Photos, Goose ID: Ducks Unlimited
Ducks Unlimited’s latest online film visits Mike Hruby, a DU volunteer, major donor and decoy carver from Texas. Discover what makes a blue collar guy like Mike so passionate about waterfowling and giving back to conservation. Watch the full film at .
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Who doesn't admire the northern pintail?

Photo Essay: The Northern Pintail
Please take a moment to contact your member of Congress and let them know how important protecting our natural resources mean to you. Ask them to support #NAWCA2018 funding, so our wetlands are protected for future generations.

Let Congress Know You Support Funding for Wetlands
Crucial wetlands are needed to support waterfowl south of the border

Understanding Waterfowl: Waterfowl of Mexico
Light geese are continuing their push north towards their breeding grounds in the Arctic. Make plans to meet the migration. Brought to you by Travel North Dakota

Reasons to Hunt Light Geese this Spring
It’s time for another season of DU’s acclaimed online film series, “DU Films.” We will release one film per month this spring and summer, beginning this month. Find out more at: .
Retriever Training: Tone of Voice
Retriever Trainer Mike Stewart explains the importance of tone of voice and body position when communicating with your dog.
This is the recipe you’ve been looking to try this weekend!

Savory Grilled Duck or Goose Kabobs