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Boreal Forest Initiative: North America's Boreal Forest is the world's largest remaining intact, productive ecosystem, encompassing more than a billion and a half acres of pristine forests, wetlands, lakes, rivers and streams. A keystone habitat for the hemisphere's migratory waterfowl and songbird populations, it also supports vast populations of fish and other wildlife. Moreover, as the...
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It was 1937, and the world was in the midst of the Great Depression. The devastating drought that had started seven years earlier had yet to relinquish its grip on the Prairie Pothole Region. The ducks were suffering their own depression, wrought by the drought and the drainage of their prairie breeding grounds. It was those dual disasters of drought and drainage that gave birth to Ducks...
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DU to the Rescue
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Try your hand at the five duck camp recipes

Five Delicious Duck Camp Recipes
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Unseasonably warm temperatures across the middle and upper reaches of the Central and Mississippi Flyways are eating away at a retreating snowline, allowing the leading edge of the spring snow goose migration to surge through Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and into South Dakota.

Light Goose Migration Surges North
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Want to know more about how the world’s leader in wetlands conservation conserves habitat?

Conserving Wetlands & Waterfowl
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DU members are known for great waterfowl recipes, but we are opening the recipe section up to all wild game. Submit your best wild game recipe for a a chance to win fantastic prizes.

Ducks Unlimited Call for Recipes
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Big Rivers Initiative: Ducks Unlimited's Big Rivers Initiative adds a whole new meaning to "flyover states." The rivers here support millions of waterfowl between the wintering and breeding grounds. Diverse habitats impacted by this initiative include bottomland forest, shrub-scrub, and emergent wetlands; mudflats; and submerged aquatic beds, as well as the rivers themselves. The quality of...
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Happy Valentine's Day! Courtship for waterfowl is happening now as well. Learn more about their behavior this time of year.

Understanding Waterfowl: Courtship and Pair Bonding
Here's how to make oven jerky.

Fresh Oven Jerky
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Safety is always important to keep in mind

16 Shotgunning Safety Lessons for Every Duck Hunter
Get in on the action this spring. Here's some gear to get your started.

February 2017 Gear Guide
What not to do – Retriever Training

Retriever Training: What Not to Do
America's River Initiative: The majesty of the mighty Mississippi River—America's most iconic waterway—has pulled at the hearts of those who have gazed upon it since long before our country's founding. Once a 25-million-acre floodplain forest, the lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley (MAV) was an extraordinary wetland system with abundant and diverse wildlife. But after years of drainage and...
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See where auto loaders began.

Origins of the Autoloader
Following are 10 expert tips and products to help you make the most of spring light goose hunting opportunities in your area.

Gear and Tactics for Spring Snows