Duncan Hines
Duncan Hines
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You shouldn’t have! But he'll be glad you did. Celebrate Dad with German Chocolate Cake.
Darren Thornton
Shad Reber
Janet L Hutson
Take a staycation! Try this Sunshine Strawberry French Vanilla Cake.
Laura Magill Aldis
Corey Whitt
Jennie Treadway
Turn a morning treat into an evening delight! Tell us how you customize your Perfect Size For 1.
Jo Johnson Young
Sharyn Beckerman
Rosemary Crupi Zuba
Try this tasty twist on a chocolatey classic. How do you personalize your Perfect Size For 1?
Sandra Robertson-Wolgamott
Joan Dorsey Taylor
Kelly Shields
Take dessert al fresco! Try this crisp Grilled Angel Food Cake at your next backyard bash. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Find Perfect Size for 1 varieties in stores with our Product Locator. Also available online at Amazon, Jet and Walmart. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Find Perfect Size for 1 varieties in stores with our Product Locator
Janet Rosenstein
Donna Kay Joy
Wendy McCollough
Isn’t she lovely? Treat Mom to our Signature Red Velvet Cake topped with creamy cream cheese frosting.
Get ready for a warm, delicious treat. It’s only about a minute away.
Criselva Salazar
Allison Jessie
Margaret Gipe
We’ve got the scoop on tasty toppings! Tell us how you customize your Perfect Size For 1.
Patricia Grimmett
Jo Ann Schaller
Isabel Diaz
We’ve got a juicy secret! Add orange juice instead of water to make your Blueberry Muffin even better. How do you mix up your Perfect Size For 1?
Bev Dri
Carmen Wyckoff Brandli
Jacqui Belmonte
Special Easter Egg Brownies make everyone’s heart go all hippity-hoppity.
Pia Kosmena
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. (Save the candy ones for Easter Egg Brownies.)
Kate Deb Goodin
Isabel Diaz
Wendy Piccoli
Judy Ameigh Grover
Elaine Kneale Knafla
It only takes about a minute to create a perfect-size warm treat just for you.
Duncan Hines
Dacia Robb
Shanna Edmun
Introducing the perfect indulgence: a warm, delicious treat in about a minute.
Duncan Hines
Judi Markman Daniels
Em Alex
Have you tried New Perfect Size for 1? All you need is a mug and a minute or so. De-lish.
Wendy Piccoli
Sherry Dibble
Sandra Wilson Sakaitis
Why preheat an oven? You could be digging into a Chocolate Lover’s Cake in about a minute.
Amanda Sooy
Amanda F Campbell
Angela Williams
Get ready for a breakthrough in baking. A warm, delicious treat ready in about a minute.
Get ready for a breakthrough in baking A warm delicious treat ready in about a minute

How Perfect is That?

Christina Bowman
Lynn Kaufer Shaffer
Shari Barrows
Roses are red, violets are blue. Your sweetie loves Strawberry Heart Cake and so do you. Click below for this easy recipe!
[ Bit.ly Link ]
Jennifer Sweeney
Karla Humphrey
Adrienne Chapman
Fresh strawberries, Duncan Hines & add a little love. Click below for the full recipe.
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Mary Burns
Strack & Van Til
Barbara Jankowski