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If you plan to talk naughty to your woman, don't forget to put to use these helpful tips from MensXP. Just remember when you are ready to get it on, don’t forget to put it on. #CondomEmoji #WorldAIDSDay

6 Ways To Master The Art Of Talking Dirty To Your Woman

The answer to safe sex is in your keyboard! Thanks Being Indian for helping us spread the message about ☔ being the unofficial #CondomEmoji this #WorldAidsDay

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[WATCH]: Durex Has Come Up With A Fantastic Way To Promote Safe Sex Using Something That We All Love

While using emojis to talk about love, make love protected by using the unofficial safe-sex emoji ☔, till we get a #CondomEmoji #WorldAidsDay
Let’s fight against HIV by making love and love conversations protected. From this #WorldAidsDay, let’s include the unofficial safe-sex emoji ☔ in our conversations! #CondomEmoji.
Let’s talk about sex safely, this #WorldAIDSDay ☔

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Before you pop the cherry, take cover.
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Because you like safe sex, and you cannot lie.
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All the preparation this recipe needs.
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If the hands are signalling to you, make sure you’ve got the situation covered #makeloveprotected #CondomEmoji #WorldAidsDay

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It’s always banana season, but keeping them open isn’t recommended. #makeloveprotected #CondomEmoji #WorldAidsDay

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This #Movember, say no to shaving and yes to getting close. #InternationalMensDay
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