Fear makes you weak...! Never be afraid if you wanna win!
Sharing economy is the way forward. Looking forward to hearing from leaders who are making it happen. 24th January, 6:00 PM at BHIVE Workspace. Limited seats, please register here. [ Goo.gl Link ]

Hope to see you there. #shareInIndia
Facebook Livestream is one of the most important marketing tools. Even birds know that :)
At Hampi
Fear makes you weak...nothing else! Never be afraid.
Crossing a road in India should be classified under adventure sports.
Happy Monday :)
It's always good to see such innovations
Looking forward to seeing some Indian AI start-ups contributing to the self-driving revolution.
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LIVE NOW: Legal Proof your start-up
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Celebrating failures is more important than celebrating successes!
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Innovative ideas will continue to get funded even as entrepreneurs hunker down to seek out paths to profits. Some of the valuation exuberance in the past moved the focus away from value differentiation and demonstrating sustainable business metrics to solely fundraising. - Vani Kola, Kalaari Capital
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2017 is going to be an Year of AI driven vehicles.
Sharing economy is the next big thing! Co-working is leading it from the front along with cab sharing, co-living, cloud etc.
11 trends that will shape South-East Asian eCommerce in 2017. Check it out!
Fastest bike ever. Sometimes, it makes me wonder what prevented this from being invented a century ago.
Simply awesome!
In a conversation with Archit Gupta, Co-founder and CEO of Cleartax. Some great insights for budding entrepreneurs. Check it out: [ Youtube.com Link ]

PS: Apologies for the bad video quality! Hope you'll still find it useful.

In a conversation with Archit Gupta, CEO of ClearTax

Here's a part of my chat with Archit Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO of Cleartax, one of the fastest growing Fintech companies. Great insights for budding entrepre...