Dusty Springfield
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Today is Mothering Sunday in the UK. Dusty and her mum Kay O'Brien, September 1964
Dusty Springfield
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Dusty Springfield
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Lyceum Ballroom London, April 1966
Dusty Springfield
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Solo Dusty in the studio, 1963
Dusty Springfield
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Packin' up, moving out of town....1970
Dusty Springfield
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Sydney, 1967
Dusty Springfield
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Dusty Springfield
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From Dusty's TV series September 1966, her live version of 'We're Doing Fine'. Unfortunately, like so many shows from that time, the BBC "wiped" the tapes. :(
[ Youtube.com Link ]

Dusty Springfield - We're Doing Fine. BBC 1966 Audio Only.

Another performance that was wiped by the BBC, Fortunately some one recorded the audio.

Dusty Springfield
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Flower power
Dusty Springfield
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If you happen to be in New York this evening :)


On stage delight, Ireland February 1965
If it don't work out...
'DUSTY' show 2, 22nd August 1967.
Happy St Patrick's Day :). Dusty and Andy Williams.
'All the shades of Autumn, in the colour of your eyes'
A photo taken by a fan with no more information unfortunately.