Years ago I came to this one of kind Dade County Boot Camp Prison to talk with convicted felons about second chances at life. I knew this place was special and the world had to see positive impact it was having on these youth offenders.

I called our HBO partners and said let's make a powerful documentary that will have a lasting impact on our troubled youth and their families. They said,...
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Rest In Peace & Love to my second dad Sib Hashian.

Don't know why things have to happen the way they do sometimes. When loved ones leave us so suddenly without having a chance to say goodbye.

Perhaps the lesson here is the reminder to live our lives as full and as present as we possibly can, because we just never know what's around the corner.

What a full and exciting life this man lived....
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Dwayne The Rock Johnson
03/23/2017 at 00:43. Facebook
Our HBO Documentary Films is a passion project of mine and an important one.

This one of a kind Dade County boot camp prison is constantly in danger of being shut down due to budgetary cuts from the city.
That can't ever happen.

This incarceration facility changes young men's lives. Lives that are often overlooked. Not here. Not ever.

Change is real, but it only becomes real when it's...
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Dwayne The Rock Johnson
03/22/2017 at 13:05. Facebook
Front bumps and blue eyed demons..dig our NEW Baywatch Movie spot. ✊ Epic and dysfunctional summer.. #BAYWATCH MAY 26th.
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
03/21/2017 at 17:17. Facebook
The world record longest drive is 515 yards set in 1974.
My drive here measured an estimated 490 yards by the people holding the rulers. I failed math when I was a kid, but I think that's kinda close. One fun day I will break the world record.
Great day on the links shooting scenes for our HBO's #Ballers.

Subsequently, I also hit two other great balls... when I stepped on a rake. Ok, no...
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Dwayne The Rock Johnson
03/20/2017 at 16:39. Facebook
Because the climate is right for a good ol' RATED R rescue can and beach balls shaped in the form of a penis and testicles joke. This WEDNESDAY we bring you the EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE of our brand NEW Baywatch Movie trailer. #BayDay #BeBaywatch


(For the record, my one ball is bigger than Zac Efron's.)
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
03/19/2017 at 22:26. Facebook
What a team! That's a wrap. Another one down. Sometimes the greatest (and sweatiest) of things happen in the grittiest of places.
THANK YOU to our Under Armour partners flying in for this epic shoot in the #WestCoastIronParadise.

These guys and gals are true innovative rockstars. This is a small group of THOUSANDS of #UnderArmour employees worldwide who we're proud to work with.
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Dwayne The Rock Johnson
03/19/2017 at 17:57. Facebook
From styling, concept to cool fashion. Big ass grin because we just wrapped THE photo shoot of all photo shoots.
We're all sworn to secrecy so I can't reveal who it's for, but I promise you it'll be a big, fun summer heater you guys'll dig . Huge THANK YOU to the entire brilliant team putting in those long weekend work hours to create something iconic.
And a very special thank you for...
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Many of you know my deep luv and appreciation for music (I've successfully created and sang in keys that literally don't exist and somehow it still sounded good;). Our NEW Seven Bucks Productions and Show of Force CNN Original Series #SOUNDTRACKS has it all.

We’re taking you on a very unique journey through our nation’s history using the songs that defined our turning-point moments.
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BREAKING: LIVE FROM NEW YORK... Honored to host the Season Finale of Saturday Night Live and join their illustrious, exclusive and highly sexy 5X Host Club!

I started my career 20yrs ago in NYC and from that vey first night, the city embraced me as a son. This SNL is special. I'm coming home to make history and have a KILLER show with the brilliant SNL cast and production. (I may or may not...
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BREAKING: Grateful to share this big news. Universal Studios Entertainment and Legendary have declared JULY 13th 2018 SKYSCRAPER weekend. Massive scale of a movie we've been developing for almost two years and we start shooting this August - in CHINA.

Our script, written and to be directed by Rawson Thurber, focuses on the world's largest skyscraper - that's on fire. A towering inferno...
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Season 3 will be our best yet.

HBO's highest rated 30min show is back!

#AllThatGlitters #IsntGold #Ballers

Ballers JULY 23rd on HBO.
For our big NEW 2017 ROCK GEAR launch from Under Armour - they asked if they could shoot two of my workouts as part of our marketing campaign. I said no.

My workouts are my daily anchor and they're off limits to camera crews because I don't like distractions and it's not my style to film them.

They came back again and asked if I would reconsider but it was my entire team of execs and reps:...
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LUV this part of my job... galvanizing a boardroom full of hungry, brilliant creative people who have a singular focus and goal: deliver an awesome movie for the world to enjoy. Of course I had to ruin the pic by giving ✌to my director, Jake Kasdan. What an asshole I am.

Outstanding global marketing kick off meeting with our SONY partners for the release of Jumanji this Christmas.

We just...
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Who knew grabbing Statham by the neck and lifting him 7ft in the air for a Rock Bottom and driving him thru a table would be so scientifically cool!?

Our Seven Bucks Digital Studios created this dope new series #ActionScience where we hired actual scientists (true story) to break down the damaging physics of the greatest fights in cinema history.
Kicking off this episode with the iconic...
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Excuse me while I redirect this 94 ton torpedo. With my bare hands. On ice. Enjoy the insanity.

#F8 #HOBBS #IcemanCometh #FateOfTheFurious
Not a day goes by where I don't think about the women in my life, shake my head and consider myself the luckiest SOB on earth. I come from a family of beautiful, strong, diverse and intelligent women. They inspire and challenge me daily to become a better man, father and role model. My love and respect for them is boundless. The world's a better place because of you and I'm a very grateful man...
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Moment I stepped foot inside this Dade County boot camp prison years ago, I knew in my gut it was a special place where redemption is earned.

This passion project documentary of mine is as real and as hard core as it gets.

Mark your calendars for MARCH 27th. Join our Seven Bucks Productions and HBO Documentaries as we shine the light on a boot camp prison that's making a real difference....
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Seems crazy but the only "quiet time" I have to get my work done before I go workout and then go to work is between 3-5am daily.
Like most of us, once I start my day and walk out my door, life becomes extremely busy and loud. 3-5am quiet work time is one of my anchors.

You may have to step out of your comfort zone to find your anchor like this, but it becomes a powerful tool once you do....
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