A hearty thanks to everyone who attended our Ottawa chapter's talk today. It was a full house! And we are very grateful to University of Ottawa law professor Daphne Gilbert for sharing her perspectives on assisted dying and Canadians' end-of-life rights.
We thank the indomitable Ellen Agger, a DWDC volunteer and co-chair of our Victoria chapter, for opening up with the Globe about our work to address an unexpected barrier to assisted dying access.

Advocacy group helping to remove barriers to assisted dying in Canada

Ernie and Kay Sievewright did everything together, and they wanted to die at the same time. Even though they both qualified for assisted dying under Bill C-14, legal fears meant they had to die four days apart. May they rest in peace.

Couple forced to die days apart amid legal concerns in assisted-dying cas

“When you have a choice, you can do preparations… you can say goodbye in a decent way.”

Thank you, Noreen, for the insights you shared in your final days. And thanks to Dr. Brian Goldman of White Coat, Black Art on CBC Radio and CBC Radio: The Current for treating her story with the care and respect it deserves.

Noreen Campbell shares her reasons for choosing assisted dying

"A remarkable moment": Nearly one in five Americans lives in a state where assisted dying is legal.

Physician Aid in Dying Gains Acceptance in the U.S.

What Canada can learn from the Netherlands' experience with legal assisted dying

Dr. David Amies: When it comes to assisted dying, Canada has much to learn from the Netherlands

No words could ever properly express the debt of gratitude we owe to Vancouver Island's Noreen Campbell. In the final days of her life, she spent precious hours and effort sharing her thoughts on and experiences with choice in dying, to get other Canadians thinking about how they can take control at end of life. Medical assistance in dying is a choice many Canadians will never consider; it's...
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Dying words: North Saanich woman’s appointment with death

Each province is taking a slightly different approach to the implementation of legal assisted dying. Here's an informative update on what's being done in Manitoba.

Medically assisted dying team in Manitoba doubles in size

At least 744 gravely ill adults received a doctor’s help to end their lives since assisted dying became legal across Canada in 2016, according to a CTV News analysis. [ Ctvnews.ca Link ]

At least 744 assisted-deaths in Canada since law passed: CTV News analysis

A heartfelt thank you to all of our passionate supporters for making this year such a success! Your unwavering support enabled Dying With Dignity Canada to effect tremendous change in 2016. Thank you! [ Dyingwithdignity.ca Link ]

Infographic: Your impact by the numbers in 2016

Must-watch video: Approved for assisted dying, Noreen Campbell opens up about her choice [ Dyingwithdignity.ca Link ]

Video: Approved for assisted dying, Noreen Campbell opens up about her...

Some doctors who support assisted dying don't provide it. Why? Unclear eligibility criteria, the fear of institutional punishment, and a patchwork doctor referral network are largely to blame. [ Dyingwithdignity.ca Link ]

Video: Why doctors who support assisted dying don't provide it

Season's Greetings from all of us at Dying With Dignity Canada.
"Dementia is a grotesque disease. And when you peel back every grotesque layer, what's left is a putrid, rotten pit. There is no dignity left to my mother." [ Dyingwithdignity.ca Link ]

Barb B.'s story

Tuesday's announcement raises even more questions about Ottawa's commitment to respecting Canadians' right to a peaceful death.

Ottawa’s approach to studying the future of Canada's assisted dying law is disappointing: DWDC

Powerful words from Globe and Mail health columnist André Picard: "What kind of twisted thinking has led our legislators to think that patients and their families should have to jump through hoops to find out where they can get the health services they want and need? In what kind of topsy-turvy world does the discomfort of an institution trump the rights of providers and patients?"

Hospitals have no right to opt out of assisted dying

Dying with Dignity Canada is concerned about the Ontario government’s commitment to transparency after legislation was tabled Wednesday that would exclude hospitals from freedom of information requests related to medically assisted death.

Dying with Dignity calls for more transparency in Ontario’s assisted death bill

The Saskatoon Health Region has approved a policy that will allow 12 faith-based facilities to opt out of providing assisted dying on-site. One of the facilities is St. Paul's Hospital — the only hospital in the region with a palliative unit. [ Thestarphoenix.com Link ]

St. Paul's Hospital among 12 facilities objecting to assisted dying