Documents we obtained through a Freedom of Information request shed light on how allowing public hospitals to opt out of providing assisted dying creates enormous barriers for patients at end of life.

Jarvis: Searching 'along the 401' for a place to die
Noreen Campbell's unique and powerful voice lives on in a new DWDC video series: Noreen Speaks. In the first instalment of the series, Noreen reflects on what “quality of life” means, and how changes in her quality of life ultimately influenced her decision to access medical assistance in dying. [ Link ]

B.C.'s Noreen Campbell reflects on her choice in new video series
We applaud Parkinson Canada for taking a courageous position in support of assisted dying rules that respect the rights of Canadians with neurodegenerative illnesses.

Medical Assistance in Dying - Parkinson Canada
OZY offers a glimpse into the work of our Personal Support Program manager, Nino Sekopet. [ Link ]

The Man to Call if You Want Information on Assisted Dying
The 2nd International Conference on End-of-Life Law, Ethics, Policy, and Practice is accepting abstract submissions until Feb. 15. The thought-provoking, timely, and informative conference will explore a broad range of end-of-life issues. More info: [ Link ]
Bill C-14's discriminatory eligibility criteria led Ontario's John Schreurs to go to Switzerland to exercise his right to a peaceful death. Now, Erin, his widow, is speaking out on her family's ordeal.

Frustrated widow wants Liberals to expand assisted dying rules
We are devastated by the sudden, tragic loss of Dr. David Abriel, a member of our Physicians Advisory Council, and his beloved wife Heather. Dr. Abriel was a gentle giant in real life, and together, the two of them were giants of generosity and goodwill in their community of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. They are missed.

'They were very generous': Mahone Bay grieves community-spirited couple killed in crash
A heart-wrenching letter written by a Quebec woman reveals how the restrictiveness of Bill C-14 is leading some Canadians to travel to Switzerland to access assisted dying.

'Tragic trend': More Canadians travelling to Switzerland to end their lives
New B.C. hospice beds should go to a facility that honours assisted dying rights, says DWDC's Physicians Advisory Council chair. [ Link ]

Questions surround location of new hospice beds - News
“If doctors and nurse practitioners aren’t compensated fairly, this becomes a barrier to access." [ Link ]

How do you put a price on medical aid in dying?
Montreal's Robert Burch lived life on his own terms. His approach to dying was no different.

The life and death of Robert Burch
B.C. couple, Kay and Ernie Sievewright, were forced to die four days apart because of legal concerns. Their heart-wrenching case reveals even more barriers to assisted dying access in Canada. [ Link ]

Dr. David Amies: B.C. couple's case reveals even more barriers to...
Hours before she died, B.C.'s Noreen Campbell sent us a message to share with you: “Thank you, Canadians, for making a peaceful death possible for me and sparing my family and friends from witnessing a death with fear and suffering. We live in good times as long as we continue to work for each other.”

Thank you, Noreen, for the gift of wisdom and hope.

Our tribute to British Columbia's Noreen Campbell
Michael Valvasori had been fighting since the summer to access his right to medical assistance in dying. On Friday, surrounded by his family, the 36-year-old was able to end his life on his own terms with medical help.
[ Link ]

Hamilton man, 36, ends life on his terms surrounded by family
“When I’ve seen people die in respiratory distress, it is not at all pleasant. And I just have to pinch myself that I have the privilege – I don’t want to call it a privilege, it should be our right."

Why a B.C. woman chose an assisted death
A hearty thanks to everyone who attended our Ottawa chapter's talk today. It was a full house! And we are very grateful to University of Ottawa law professor Daphne Gilbert for sharing her perspectives on assisted dying and Canadians' end-of-life rights.
We thank the indomitable Ellen Agger, a DWDC volunteer and co-chair of our Victoria chapter, for opening up with the Globe about our work to address an unexpected barrier to assisted dying access.

Advocacy group helping to remove barriers to assisted dying in Canada
Ernie and Kay Sievewright did everything together, and they wanted to die at the same time. Even though they both qualified for assisted dying under Bill C-14, legal fears meant they had to die four days apart. May they rest in peace.

Couple forced to die days apart amid legal concerns in assisted-dying cas