For when you have no time to power nap before going out:
Not many people could pull off Julianne Hough's hair:
Let's get it on.
You HAVE to see how pretty all 9 shades are.
You probably wouldn't think to do this, but it's crucial.
Bon shopping!
Come see her first photo
Your never-ending search for the miracle product stops here.
Yes, binge watching is an astrological science, too.
The hashtag is a powerful response to #NextFakeTrumpVictim.
Pro tip: Start saving now.
No rush, but this movie needs to be released, like, yesterday. (via
It's worth the price. Trust us.
Monday Q&A via Facebook LIVE!!! This week's topic: exercise and adrenal fatigue!

Thriving Child Summit LAST Day: [ Link ]
If you missed my talk last week, "The ABC's of Sleep For The Whole Family," as part of The Thriving Child Summit, don't worry! You have another chance to watch it today as part of the Encore Day of the summit. And it's still totally FREE!

To access this event, sign up for free access here: [ Link ] #PaleoMom #Paleokids
Gorgeously Hansika Motwani ❤
Guess the Song?
Virat Kohli With Anushka Sharma <3
Bipasha Basu With Her Mother <3
Pretty Priyanka Chopra <3