"E.T. phone home"! Join us in wishing Steven Spielberg a very Happy Birthday!

If you could phone Steven today, what would you say?
The OneOrlando Fund supports non-profits that are providing services to the victims and families, as well as working with the LGBTQ, Hispanic and other affected communities.

Visit [ Oneorlando.org Link ] for more info.

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Happy Birthday, Drew Barrymore.
What if E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial was a 90's sitcom? Wonder no more...

'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial' as the '90s sitcom you’ll wish you grew up with

We’re always excited for The Oscars. We’ve created the Ultimate Party Kit for you to download: [ Uni.pictures Link ]

Check out E.T. The Extra- Terrestrial, your favorite Universal Oscar winners, and this year’s nominees here: [ Uni.pictures Link ]


The Guardian has come up with the toughest summer blockbuster quiz ever.
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The toughest summer blockbuster quiz ever

Sean Dolittle of the Oakland Athletics wants to ride Elliott's bike to the mound during a game!

9 Things I'd Like to Ride to the Mound On | By Sean Doolittle

The Guardian has come up with the most difficult 80s Movie Quiz Ever!
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The toughest 80s movie quiz ever

Heroes vs. Villains is back. Your votes decide who wins in this ultimate showdown between good and evil. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial needs your help!

E.T. vs Groot > [ Uni.pictures Link ]

HitFix's March Mayhem 2015: Groot vs. ET

Two of LEGO Dimensions’ newest additions have a LOT in common… you might even say the similarities are out of this world!
There's no place like home. Head over to Isla Nubar in Steven Spielberg's #JurassicWorld, now available on Blu-ray & DVD!

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