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Latest intel from the frontier on Titanfall 2's next free update!

Frontier News Network - Welcome to Live Fire

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Take a look at this year's FIFA 17 Team of the Year ⚽

Team of the Year - FIFA 17 Ultimate Team - EA SPORTS

Fire up Origin and download your free copy of Mass Effect 2!
Mass Effect: Andromeda releases in the UK on the 23rd March!
Take a look behind door number 19 for today's FIFA 17 Squad Building Challenge
Take a look what is behind door number 16 for today's FUTMAS FIFA 17 Squad Building Challenge
Check out this month's Player of the Month Squad Building Challenge tutorial by La5ty ⚽

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Stand in the Shadow of a giant, starting today for Premium Pass holders and Early Enlisters
Take a look at this weeks FIFA 17 Team of the Week!
Enjoy 5 minutes of brand new Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay
Standby for the Free Multiplayer Trial

Titanfall 2 Free Multiplayer Trial

Head back to Angel City - The first free DLC for Titanfall 2