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Saturday fun with #pun
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Exercise your brain!
Write words that start with T and end with T #buildvocabulary
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How to introduce yourself impressively in an #interview? #interviewtips

How to introduce yourself impressively in an interview? - eAge Tutor

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Have you ever met people who keep poking their nose in every matter? If yes, then these #English phrases might help you to avoid unwanted answers. Remember to be polite.
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Want to learn a new word every week?
With our word of the week, you can learn a new word and build #vocabulary.
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Weekend fun with #pun #humor
Surprise #English test
How to negotiate for an #appraisal?
Learn day to day #phrasal verbs and improve your English #communication skills.
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Happy #Valentine's Day!
Moustache or Mustache
Which is the correct #spelling according to American English?
Comment the correct answer below.
It is very difficult to console a person who loses his loved one in an unexpected situation. Here are some #phrases that will help you give sympathy to the concerned person.
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Do you know the difference between Sorry, Excuse me and Pardon? Generally, Sorry and Pardon are used interchangeably. Learn its proper usage with examples: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Word of the week
Learn a new word every week with word of the week.
#vocabulary #newwords
Saturday #humour! #funwithpun
5 personality #interview questions one must know. Prepare these questions and answer them confidently.
Happy Monday