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Learn Noun Gender and improve your #English
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#Negotiations phrases you must know
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#IELTS Test day tips
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Happy Pongal, Sankranti, Lohri & Bihu!
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#Vocabulary test!
Write words starting with e and ending with e.
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Learn #pronunciation difference between American and British English.
Word of the week. Learn new word every week. #vocabulary
Haha! Saturday fun with #pun
Surprise #English test!
Trending #English words you need to know to use them in your communication #trendingenglishwords

Trending English words you must know - eAge Tutor

Often in the #interview, we all encounter with - "What is your dream job?" question. This question seems easy but one must be careful while answering it. The below article will help you with some easy tips that can be used to impress the interviewer.

How to talk about your dream job? - eAge Tutor

Improve your #vocabulary with word of the word of the week: wassail
What's your New Year resolution? Eat healthy & stay healthy. Then this blog will help you learn some #Englishvocabulary that can be used while describing fitness.

Vocabulary to be used while describing fitness - eAge Tutor

It's the last weekend of 2016.
Saturday fun with #pun
Surprise #English test
Questions you should ask during #interview
Learn new word every week with the word of the week
This week's word - jollification #improvevocabulary
IELTS #writing tips
Merry Christmas everyone! #MerryChristmas