We're incredibly excited about our upcoming tutorial documentary on car photography!! The folks at RGG EDU specialise in making these massive tutorial documentaries of specialist photographers around the world - and I was lucky enough to have been selected to do their latest instalment on cars :D

If you ever wanted to be "a fly on the wall" on one of my shoots or retouching sessions - this...
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What do we think of the new Mustang!
Contrast to here in Australia where my camera's melting..
Picked up a Mavic Pro (fly more combo) for BTS video and stills. Huge thanks to Leon @ JB HIFI Glendale for the quick allocation (y)

Fits like a dream in my Peak Design Messenger!
Double pane windows
Love this ad, except an R34 drifting in Detroit? That's news to me.
Amazing evolution of the F1 steering wheel, big evolution in the 90's!
A little slap fight ends up becoming a car brawl
Congrats Nico Rosberg and MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS
Such nostalgia
I chuckled.
Oh how I've missed these BMW short films, new one finally out by Neill Blomkamp!

[ Bmwfilms.com Link ]

BMW Films – The Escape

Breathtaking Ferrari commercial of their new LaFerrari Aperta. Nostalgia always wins.
Bought a fresh set of tyres?

Anddd they're gone.
Not car related, but absolutely deserves a share. Amazing images by Victor Habchy Photography from the burning man festival. Been on my bucket list for years.