Am I the only one who's noticed Honda's badge engineering.
Last shots from my RGG EDU Car Photography and Retouching Tutorial :D

Thank you everyone who messaged me with questions and feedback, it's been an interesting ride!

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Upgrading from just iPhoning my Behind The Scenes videos. Hopefully will make better BTS videos this year! Cheers for the hookup Leon @ JB HIFI Glendale!!
Quick shot of this A45 AMG in Sydney last week.

For camera people - I put together a BTS video on YouTube :)

[ Link ]
Some of my favourite shots from a recent shoot in Chicago with Chevrolet/Commonwealth. I had a blast seeing the windy city!
Thank you so much to everyone who picked up my RGG EDU tutorial. I've been answering questions and messages since and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive :) I believe the discount codes ("EASTON") still works for now, but a reminder that it should end soon.

Link - [ Link ]

Big cheers to HG-Motorsport for supplying their amazing Porsche 911 GT3 for our cameras!!
Finally!! With filming, retouching and editing since August 2016 - RGG EDU's launched the Car Photography and Retouching tutorial. 4 complete shoots including 7 unique cars, using natural light, flash, light painting and rigging :D

AND of course all of the retouching included as well. They had me film my retouching (from start to finish) for every shot in this tutorial, 19 images totalling 16...
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Only about a week to go!

I hope people pick up something from it, even if only from the free samples coming out alongside of it!

Check it out here - [ Link ]
Watched The Grand Tour last night and thought this bit was hilarious!
CAR-RIG GIVEAWAY. The folks at RGG EDU and Rig-Pro are giving away a 15ft rig kit like what I used in my upcoming car photography tutorial.

Use the link below to subscribe to the competition :D

[ Link ]

*USA resident get free shipping! International winner will have to cover their own shipping + duties!

Car "Rig" Photography, Easton Chang's Car Photography Tutorial, and RigPro #Giveaway
We're incredibly excited about our upcoming tutorial documentary on car photography!! The folks at RGG EDU specialise in making these massive tutorial documentaries of specialist photographers around the world - and I was lucky enough to have been selected to do their latest instalment on cars :D

If you ever wanted to be "a fly on the wall" on one of my shoots or retouching sessions - this...
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What do we think of the new Mustang!
Contrast to here in Australia where my camera's melting..
Picked up a Mavic Pro (fly more combo) for BTS video and stills. Huge thanks to Leon @ JB HIFI Glendale for the quick allocation (y)

Fits like a dream in my Peak Design Messenger!
Double pane windows
Love this ad, except an R34 drifting in Detroit? That's news to me.