Check our Airline Twin Tone Link Wray Tribute... a limited-edition guitar with exclusive Vince Ray Art & Music artwork & accessories included. Oh, and R.J. Ronquillo once again killing it in this video! More info: [ Link ]
We've done a few limited-edition models before, and they always become quite desirable & collectible after a while. This will certainly be the case with the Airline Twin Tone Double Cut: only 24 ever made, and we still got a couple left in stock... very cool guitar!

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Check our exclusive interview with Jeff Senn, talking about his new Jeff Senn Guitars The Continental project with us, and loads more:

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Jeff Senn Interview: An Amazing Journey...
And here's our newest Custom Shop project: the TB-64 6-String Bass!!! Info: [ Link ]
We sent this beautiful Airline MAP Bass to the super cool Seye, who now joins bandmate Jeff Wootton as an Airline player... We're looking forward to seeing both using their new guitars at next Gorillaz gigs... exciting!
Watch! Jeff Senn showcases the new Jeff Senn Guitars The Continental, his latest collaboration with Eastwood, now crowdfunding here: [ Link ]
Nice little cover of John Lennon Jealous Guy, featuring a Sidejack. Yeah... it's a rock'n'roll growler, but those pickups also deliver some beautiful clean tones, especially if you got a great amp! Check the series here: [ Link ]
We LOVE the new Jeff Senn Guitars The Continental, our new Custom Shop project. One of those guitars that are born classic. For info: [ Link ]
Good news - we still have a few Custom Shop S-200 in stock! The black one looks amazing and it sounds great, featuring coil-tap humbuckers with individual on/off switches and also lead/rhythm switch. LOTS of tone possibilities there!!! [ Link ]
It's here! The Airline 2PT in vintage Cream is now in stock! Beautiful
 [ Link ]
Goodbye, Chuck! We all owe a LOT to Chuck Berry. Thank you for the music, thank you for Rock'n'Roll! Jeff Senn Guitars sent us this little tribute, using the Continental, to celebrate Chuck Berry's early tones and rhythms.
Yes! This Eastwood Whip It guitar signed by Mark & Bob from @clubdevo could be YOURS!!! To enter competition visit and good luck! #eastwoodguitars #DEVO #competition #prize #guitar #newwave #geartalk #guitarre #guitarra #chitarra #guitarsofinstagram
Fun facts: we heard that Eddie "the tone dog" approves our guitars!
A thing of beauty... [ Link ]
Our new Custom Shop project with Jeff Senn Guitars!
Fancy winning this 'Whip It' guitar signed by Devo? Enter our competition and good luck!

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Talking about SXSW... a visit to South Austin Music is a must when visiting the city! They always have a great selection of our guitars... Which one would you choose, from this pic?
Yup. Our collaborations with Jeff Senn Guitars just keep getting better... [ Link ]