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Eat Mor Chikin Cowz
12/05/2016 at 16:00. Facebook
Proper holiday prep startz with chikin.
Standing in line meenz u need chikin 4 brekfast 2 powur thru!
Without chikin the world looks pretty pil-grimm
Squash hungr. Eat chikin.
Make way 4 the Mooflower!
U no wut is moosic to our earz? eating chikin.
Ideaz 4 frendzgiving
Time out 4 mor chikin
We heer kidz like skatebords. Chikinz eeven bettr! #CowsKnowCool
Down with pumpkin spise! up with chicken spise! #CowsKnowCool
Hooray! 1 mor owwer 2 eat chikin! #eatmorchikin
We r not trolling, chikin is gud #eatmorchikin
Are u ready?
How too hav fun watching te-ve #CowTipping
Say gudbye 2 burgerz.
Ahoy ye mateez, theez waterz be ruf 4 burger eatrz. #TalkLikeAPirateDay
If u like burgerz, yer on tha wrong teem. #EatMorChikin
Awsum #LaborDay projekt โ€” nu paint job 4 yer grill. U will need: paint (yello & blak), a paint brush, n plentee of chikin 2 eat while u paint.
Help us celebrate Nashunal Chikin Munth. Share this with somewun u luv. (That somewun bettur luv chikin).
Cowz r a wurk of art. Eatinโ€™ chikin iz a fine art. Therz a diffrince. #EatMorChikin