So many ways (and reasons) to LOVE limes. What are your favorites? [ Link ]
My delicious antidote to holiday overindulgences :-). I love it with a couple of heavy dashes of hot sauce! Or lime. Or both ... or ... [ Link ]
Feeling a little out of sorts/puffy from the holidays? Try adding some of these DELICIOUS spices that also reduce inflammation!
Merry Christmas/Hannukah to you!
Looking for something to take to the Christmas gathering? Here's a favorite of mine. Just made some with an added scoop of lightly-steamed cauliflower rice - YUM! Recipe: [ Link ]
This is crazy delicious/addictive! And these are the cashews I use for the "cream" ... DELICIOUS and organic (toss them in your Amazon cart): [ Link ]

Cashew Cream Sweet Potato Mash
As we approach the holidays, I'd love to know ... what dish or dishes are the flavor of the holiday for you? Is it something your mom always made, something you've created, or what?
Another article about American food vs other ... European for example. I have had some of these same issues - have you?

Is it Gluten Intolerance or are We Being Poisoned?
It's not "all French" and "all Americans" but there is. A lot of truth in this.
... except that avocado commercial, of course!
This is why I LOVE Jamie Oliver!
So, so true.
:-) Sometimes the holidays get the best of us. Today, for me, brings a kale salad the size of my head. How about for you?
Going into the US holiday week ... enjoy!
Colorful veggies are a great way to help get your body ready to fight back against winter germs!
Thinking ahead for Thanksgiving - LOVE how this could offset the traditional rich dishes!

Recipe: Thanksgiving Slaw — Recipes from The Kitchn
Many people are calling for healing today. I recommend this, without reservation.

Magic Mineral Broth
:-) Raise your hand if you love the kitchen!
Excellent advice! What's your favorite healing food?
Delicious, simple salad from Clean Healthy Recipes. It's flexible (leave out what you don't have, add what you love), and fast (under 5 minutes - you DO have time for this).