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We have our winners!!! We are so pleased to introduce the new hosts of 'MOMENTS Z' @lisamache @amanda_dara and @sunnaema
#EbonyLifeTV #MomentsZ
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Food for thought #QOTD
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What could the Judges be smiling so much about? Find out TONIGHT at the Finale of #MomentsZsearch only on #EbonyLifeTV (DStv Ch.165)
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TONIGHT on the FINALE of #MomentsZsearch we uncover who will be the hosts of the hippest and most anticipated talk show for the Z generation! Plus we have a surprise guest! Tune in at 7pm WAT/8pm CAT on #EbonyLifeTV (DStv Ch.165)
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Tonight on Men's Corner, the Men will talk about themselves and their egos.
And the females will talk about the men, as usual
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DÉRÈ gets the gift of sisterhood on TONIGHT's episode. #DÉRÈ 9pm WAT/10pm CAT on #EbonyLifeTV (DStv Ch.165)
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Good morning #QOTD
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Good morning. Have a blessed week
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Things take a sad turn in DÉRÈ. Will our CinDÉRÈlla make it through the storm? Don't miss the rerun. Saturday 2pm WAT/3pm CAT #EbonyLifeTV
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Drama lovers in UK, US, Germany and Japan you can now watch On The Real on Amazon Prime.
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Good morning #QOTD
Good morning #QOTD
Hey did you know that Ebonylifetv is available on Flow? If you're in the Caribbean you can watch all your favourite EL shows on Flow
Good morning . So which kind of Valentine's did you have?
You can EbonyLife TV and Chill Tonight as we bring the perfect Valentine Fairytale straight to your screens. DÉRÈ! 9pm WAT/ 10pm CAT only on the 165.
For the lone wolves out there. On Singles awareness day...we got you and we love you, yes YOU! xo xo xo

[ Lifehack.org Link ]

Being Single: What It’s About And Why It May Be The Best Way To Live Your Life

LOVE...and why only the happy single find true love.
EbonyLifeTV hearts YOU. xo xo xo

[ Thebookoflife.org Link ]

Why Only the Happy Single Find True Love

The Onwukas wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day! ❤❤❤
Oh no! Please pity the "Harrison" in your life. Everybody needs ❤ today.
Happy Valentine's Day From EbonyLife TV