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Do you have 'nature' within 300 metres of your home?

‘The evidence is strong and growing that people and communities can only thrive when they have access to nature.’

Access to nature reduces depression and obesity, finds European study
The world lost 94% of its vegetable seed varieties in the 20th century. Now, people are recognizing the importance of saving our remaining seeds before it is too late.

Saving Our Lives One Seed at a Time: Part I
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Will giving ‘personhood’ status to rivers help protect them? Will these initiatives help change the way we think about (and treat) nature? We hope so!

‘The Yamuna is the main tributary of the Ganges that officials say is tainted with sewage and industrial pollution. In some places, the river has stagnated to the point that it no longer supports life.’

Ganges and Yamuna rivers granted same legal rights as human beings
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Here is a wonderful dose of inspiration for your day! Chandra, a single mother in India, wholeheartedly embracing an enterprising farming life with a beautiful smile and loving heart to keep her going!

‘Sitting on a jute cot in her verandah, right next to the moped, Chandra Subramanian really seems that small. She’s slightly built and looks about 18. Actually she’s 28, a mother of two, and an...
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Meet Chandra Subramanian, a Small Farmer With a Big Heart and a Miracle Bike
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This article reflects the absurd logic of the current global economic model - time for a systemic shift!

‘The rule of GDP growth may seem sacred, but it is not. As quickly as we created it, we can pull it apart. And pull it apart we must—it’s time for the giant stone heads to roll.’

To Save The Economy, We Have To Break Its One Sacred Rule
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The spirit of Standing Rock is spreading around the United States...and the world. What actions are taking place where you are?

In rural Pennsylvania, there is now a Standing Rock-style encampment called The Stand, where protectors are preparing for nonviolent mass action to stop the construction of a pipeline from tearing through their beloved farmland, woods and backyards to transport...
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Support the Lancaster Stand
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Today is the UN International Day of Happiness - perfect time to watch (or rewatch) 'The Economics of Happiness'. We're honored that Films For Action has called it "one of the most important and useful films for inspiring change that has been made in a generation".

From now until the end of March, use the promo code HAPPINESSDAY2017 to rent any non-English version of the film for free!

Watch 'The Economics of Happiness'
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Loneliness is epidemic among young adults, and even more common among the elderly, with some reporting that the numbers of those feeling lonely and isolated have doubled since 1980. "Hofficing" is one solution.

Bringing People Together in “The Age of Loneliness”
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How can you to take action toward a more simple way of life?
Here’s a good way to start; a course on issues related to simplicity and time, technology, consumption, media, providing an opportunity to explore values, and discover how simple living intersects with sustainability - at the local community level.

A Different Way | Northwest Earth Institute
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What does it even mean to be ‘poor’ in our day and age?
Here are some compassionate insights to help us question, re-frame and re-create our culture.

‘Poverty can be eliminated, but it will require a fundamental break from the way we have been thinking and living.’

Will the Poor Always Be With Us? - Local Futures
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Empowering hope - such an inspiring list of principles here.
We especially love this sentiment:

‘If you embody what you aspire to then you have already succeeded. As Rebecca Solnit writes, “If your activism is already democratic, peaceful, creative, then in one small corner of the world these things have triumphed… Make yourself one small republic of unconquered spirit.’

Despair is Not a Strategy: 15 principles of hope
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Great article (in Italian) on the Italian premiere of 'Ancient Futures', happening later this month!

Arriva in Italia il film “Capire il passato per vivere felici”
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‘There is nothing inevitable about the demise of rural America. Nothing inevitable, that is, if we turn away from the extractive model of corporate agriculture and the trade deals and subsidies that support it and instead reestablish the small- and medium-scale farming and ranching that can support sustainable prosperity.’

With thanks to YES! Magazine

Small-Scale Farming Could Restore America’s Rural Towns
This gathering is going to be a big one. Over 70 speakers will be there, talking about how to catalyze the transition towards a more sustainable, fair, collaborative and people-oriented economy. You can use this link to get a small discount as a supporter of Local Futures. Hope to see some of you there!

New Economy & Social Innovation Global Forum
Who do we trust?
The risk and potential danger doesn’t seem worth it.

‘The issue of glyphosate’s safety is not a trivial one for Americans. Over the last two decades, Monsanto has genetically re-engineered corn, soybeans and cotton so it is much easier to spray them with the weed killer, and some 220 million pounds of glyphosate were used in 2015 in the United States.’

Monsanto Weed Killer Roundup Faces New Doubts on Safety in Unsealed Documents
Are there local food systems where you live?

“I think we urgently need to look at new ways of thinking about local foods systems, about what is ‘local’ in an intercultural society. Much greater involvement from a much broader range of people is essential to reimagine local food systems.”
Julian Agyeman

Julian Agyeman: Reimagining Sustainable Solutions for Local Food Systems – Food Tank
All around the world, healing from the ground up - this time in Honduras!

‘One of the early leaders of Honduras’s 40-year agroecology movement, Don Elias sought to improve agriculture by starting with people, not farms. He believed that if farmers’ innate creativity and motivation were cultivated (what he called “the human farm”), they could transform their farms, their lives, and their...
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Honduras: Building a National Agroecology Movement Against the Odds : Food First
It's not a systemic solution to the problems of economic globalization and deregulation. But man is it clever.

How Local Businesses Can Beat the Big Boys Part II: Shaming the Corporate Tax Evaders
How do we redirect our economy towards a healthy, happy and sustainable future?

‘Most economic policy around the world is driven by the goal of maximising economic growth (or increase in gross domestic product – GDP). Economic growth usually means using more resources. So if we can’t keep using more and more resources, what does this mean for growth?’

The decoupling delusion: rethinking growth and sustainability