These are the people who beat and left Jake Harris for dead on the highway last night..hes in intensive care with a crushed skull..Theyre from the Spokane Wa area..see em n call police or if you know em do whats right. Prayers are with ya Jake n Josh n family..
Deadliest Catch is up for 5 Reality awards and Sig is up for 2..please go vote for your favorite show!! You can vote as many times as you want.

Hey folks! Happy belated 4th!! Sean kicked off their ALS bait challenge. I took the #BaitALS challenge and I’m nominating @Sig Hansen, Karl Rasmussen from @F/V Northwestern, and Doug Dixon from Pacific Fishermen Shipyard bite the head off a fish or make a donation to

edgar-bait-als.mp4 - Box
Need a warmer place to go with 10 people on one of the countries nicest beaches? Check out our rental on Siesta Key FLO..

Siesta Key Vacation Rental - Edgemere | Rent Siesta Key
Forgot to mention Freddie Dodge and Juan his mechanic are here too!
Go see my buddy Nick Tolkman..the boy dreamer WE turned into a Fisher-MAN..
[ Link ] me n my Alaska Buddy Clayt..been a friend to our family since the good ol' days.
Had a good time today at the #GATS show.. with Lisa Kelly from Ice Road Truckers and a contestant from the audience at the #Chevrondelo booth playing Jeopardy lol..
This video is for the people that think someones a sellout for using a product that actually works,saves my buisness money..and saves lives from keeping things running smoother.( those people..i couldnt care less what you think)

[ Link ]

Delo Edgar Hansen Northwestern Tear Down

For more information please visit:

When I’m on dry land and need to take care of a big job, I can always rely on my truck. Maybe YOURS could be this Ford F250 Pickup, compliments of my buddies at Delo! Enter for your chance to win here.

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@ChevronDelo # Chevron delo@WasteExpo 2016 in Las home tomorrow night..then up to Alaska to meet the boat make sure everything is running good:)
Logan's baseball team won the MTYAA championship!!!! So proud of those boys!!
Go to get my hair did n all I see are their faces!
Last week's project..Viking Burial ship lol..
awsome day with the fam skiing at Mt Baker today!