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So much of what you are is what you’ve done.
Edmonton Skydive
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Skydivers: Fueled by natural sources.
Edmonton Skydive
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What can be accomplished in human flight is only limited by our imaginations.

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FLY4LIFE - Three Little Birds

Don’t resist that which you desire.
You can watch a sunset, or you can be part of it.
Curiousity will lead you down the most exciting paths.
Almost every single kid, at some point, has looked up to the sky and wished they could fly like a bird. And most adults, deep down, still carry that same dream within them.

To our friends that we share the sky with, thanks for the dreams and inspiration.
Make #2017 the year you discover your purpose.

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Edmonton Skydive Locals rocking the very first legal BASE jump back in December to promote the Great Canadian Fitfest. Check out the full video
What do dreams know of boundaries?
Wherever you go, go with all of your heart.
Be zen-like this Christmas. Deliver the best with the least amount of stress.
Be zen-like this Christmas. Deliver the best with the least amount of stress.
“Skydiving is boring”, said no one ever.
Edmonton Skydive has gone global with How to Learn Anything's episode of solving a rubix cube in free fall.

You can now watch the episode on Air Canada's in flight entertainment.
There's still time to give awesome for Christmas this year.

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What skydivers hope they find under the tree.
Santa’s upgraded his sleigh. Do you need to upgrade your gifts?

“True artistic expression lies in conveying emotion”.
Angel Haze