Edmonton Skydive
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Listen to your dreams.
Edmonton Skydive
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#TrySkydiving because golf doesn’t make you smile like this.
Edmonton Skydive
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Freedom is a state of mind.
It's officially spring which means the Edmonton Skydive season starts soon! T-25 days.

Book your flight at: edmontonskydive.com
There are no other friends like the ones you make in the sky.
“Skydiving is boring”, said no one ever.
Why work when you can fly?
You’re curious for a reason.
Don’t limit yourself to the ground.
You have to do, to understand how this moment feels.
In 30 days, we open our playground.

“I left my heart up there.”
Francis Gary Powers
When was the last time you fell head over heels for a new passion? edmontonskydive.com
In 90 seconds, find out how easy it is to become a licensed skydiver.

This summer, come live in a world where everyone bends the rules of time and space. It all starts with your first jump.

We experienced some website downtime over the past two days for updates and maintenance.

If you were trying to get information or make a booking, we're now back to normal operations at:

Our season starts April 15th!

Edmonton Skydive | Go for it

Dreams become reality with action.
Don’t let anyone hold you back from doing what you want. There are some people that will never understand.
The secret of happiness is to do things that make you happy.
The people that think you’re crazy are missing out on all of the fun.