Edmonton Skydive
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Today is wild, and it's yours.
Edmonton Skydive
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This summer get the coolest license on the planet! Get your solo skydive license at Edmonton Skydive!

We offer first jump courses every Wednesday and Saturday morning, starting in May.

We’re now taking bookings so reserve your slot for awesomeness here and now!
Edmonton Skydive
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Human flight is too magical for words.
Sunsets, like skydives, last for moments but their beauty is forever.
The #SummerofStoke begins in 60 days.

#HappyValentinesDay to that special someone that you jump out of airplanes and have adventures with.

If you need a last minute add on gift, you can save $100 on a couple’s skydive and it will be delivered to your inbox immediately.

Skydivers are true dreamers.
Value freedom and adventure above all else.
Doing what you like is freedom.
Edmonton Skydive's Peter Kozak and Kelsey Fry were at The Great Canadian Fitfest. Next event: Edmonton Feb 4th and 5th. today delivering a skydiving presentation to the crowd.

Go check out this really interesting event. It runs today and tomorrow at the Edmonton Expo Centre.
“Oh the things you can find if you don’t stay behind.”
Dr. Suess
For that special person that you want to jump out of airplanes and have adventures with. Save $100 on a couples Valentine's Day gift certificate.

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We know she said all she wants for V-Day is you in her arms but are you going to risk it?

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Gift Certificates | Edmonton Skydive

Mad, passionate, extraordinary love can’t be celebrated in ordinary ways.

Save $100 on a couple’s Valentine's Day gift certificate:

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Discover just how beautiful of a process it is to learn how to fly.
Highway of dreams.
Whatever inspires you fires you.
Up here, we make our own rules.
Get lost in the right direction.
So much of what you are is what you’ve done.