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This teacher got rid of his classroom desk and gained a new perspective.

Ditching the Desk
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Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!
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We hope your long weekend is full of kids and memory making!

His Wife Said She Wanted More Pics Of Their Kids. This Dad Delivered.
"13. Finnish elementary students get almost three times more recess than the US students."

25 Stunning Facts About The Finnish Educational System
Martin Luther King Jr. Day is one week away! Celebrate a great person in history with educational worksheets, crafts, and more.

Learning Resources for MLK Jr. Day |
#tbt to our one of our favorite educational cartoons. โœจโœจ

Strap Your Bones, "The Magic School Bus" Is Coming Back
"2. Everyone has a fixed mindset sometimes."

Nurturing Growth Mindsets: Six Tips From Carol Dweck
Teachersโ€”learn the best ways to use technology specialists, IT staff, and district data in your school. (via EdSurge)

How to Get the Most Out of Technology in Your Classroom
Mindfulness may be the key to less stress in the classroom.

Teachers Are Stressed, And That Should Stress Us All
Merry Christmas Eve! Print and color the classic Christmas poem "The Night Before Christmas" to share with your child.

The Night Before Christmas | Printable Coloring Book |
To all the teachers out there, have a great winter break. You've earned it!

Dear Teachers, Itโ€™s Time to Reset
Happy Holidays! Celebrate the season with a cozy ugly sweater worksheet: [ Link ]
Sending your child to preschool is a great investment.

How Investing In Preschool Beats The Stock Market, Hands Down
Give thoughtfully this holiday season, with gifts that empower girls.

Stereotype Busting (And Super Fun) Gifts for Girls
We love doing holiday projects with kids! What crafts or recipes are you trying this year?

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This family found a brilliant way to turn a hard situation into an opportunity for selfless kindness and empowerment.

There's a brilliant, heartfelt way to tell your kids the truth about Santa. Take notes.
From Montessori to project-based learning and more, school systems are constantly changing. Read about how some schools are evolving and how technology influences education in EdSurge's new State of EdTech report.

How Schools Are Changing
โ€œI feel rushed, nothing gets done properly; there is very little joy, and no time for reflection or creative thinking.โ€

What Happens When Finnish Educators Teach in America's Public Schools?