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My advice to people of colour at university? Learn all about your cultural history, and link up with like-minded students

What I learned as a student of colour
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It’s a month on from President Trump’s inauguration, and I can’t help seeing similarities between America and my homeland of Russia

From Putin to Trump: Being a Russian student in New York
The UK government is opening the door to lots of private universities - saying it wants students to have more choice. But questions have been raised about whether for-profit universities will be regulated properly, and whether they'll teach the subjects that cost a lot to provide - such as science and technology.

Who's afraid of private universities?
It takes a special kind of motivation to become a nurse. Postgrad students explain why they made the move

'I wouldn't have done this at 18': why I switched to a nursing degree
Erasmus grants give students the chance to work or study in Europe for a year. It would be a tragedy if it were scrapped

A student's plea to Brexit negotiators: keep the Erasmus scheme
When Enana al-Assaf was bombed during an exam, she made herself carry on writing. Now doing a PhD in the UK, she worries every day about her family in Syria

Studying in Aleppo: 'You get used to seeing blood on the floor'
Getting in your Ucas application was half the battle – now you have to sort through your offers and pick the two that suit you best

Applying to university? It's time to narrow your choices down to two