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“Getting into a fight with your friend, everyone knows about it. Everyone knows both sides. Everyone knows what you said over text,” said Marley, one of the Colorado students.

Teens tell all: What they reveal about sex, drugs and social media

"I purchased this for my Middle School classroom. Everything was super engaging and educational - I highly recommend."

Educents Exclusive STEM Bundle!

Building is building.
STEM concepts covered include prisms, light, proportions, the metric system, speed, sound waves, the Fibonacci Sequence, human body science, Bernoulli’s principle, and so much more.

STEM Stories Transform into Hands-On Lessons | Educents

"My son loves these videos. I haven't been drawn to immersion before because it seems so daunting to just throw a child into something that's entirely in Spanish, but these videos make it easy for children to figure out what's being said. My child was immediately repeating phrases."

17% OFF - Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids 3 DVD Set - Spanish

Every personalized letter from Santa includes

A personal letter detailing the the accomplishments of the child
A recipe of of Mrs. Claus' Famous Cookies
Two snowflake craft templates
A packet of reindeer food (glitter!)
A sheet of festive stickers!
All delivered to your child in a beautiful red envelope!

Personalized Letter from Santa

Seems fair.
"My daughter really loved the descriptions and activities in the book. It is really well written and the illustrations are really nice and it really easily explains a great deal about bones."

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"There was no self-reflection, no pause. It was 'What can we get kids to do to make the NFL happy'?"

Inside The NFL's Tobacco-Style Strategy To Hook Your Kids

These skills are disappearing at a frantic pace...

Old School Skills that Kids Don't Learn Anymore (But Should)

A foot fidget can provide children a quiet, non-disruptive way to keep their feet moving while their eyes, ears, and hands stay focused.

The Best Way To Keep Fidgety Kids Focused

We realize you have a million things going on, so here’s a quick roundup of the latest news that all parents should know about...

Gimme 5: News That Parents Should Know (But Might Have Missed)

The Complete Writing Program is a workshop in a book. At the very least, it will show you, step-by-step, how to build stronger, more confident writers one day at a time.
Odds are you've heard of Life of Fred. But do you know WHY so many parents, homeschoolers and teachers love the series?

The Ultimate Guide to the Life of Fred Books - Start Here!