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Help us celebrate your favorite teachers. Name them in the comments!
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Push beyond your comfort zone with this deliberate approach to elevating your teaching.

A Focus on Self-Improvement
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Why we should focus on helping students make academically sound arguments—even when we disagree.

Disagree With a Student’s Opinion?
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A good hero: ☑learns from loss, ☑mitigates mistakes, ☑ overcomes adversity.

Young Adult Novels That Teach a Growth Mindset
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Want to increase parent engagement in the classroom? Send them a text.

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Parent Alert! Your Child Just Skipped Class
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You’ll get them from music to art like nobody’s business.

Mastering Transitions
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“Let us remember that once we were first-year teachers.”

There's No Such Thing as "Just a Teacher"
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Julia is a budding artist who can memorize lyrics better than her peers can.

Via The New York Times

Sesame Street Introduces Julia, a Muppet With Autism
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It's essential for creating lifelong learners.

How and Why Intrinsic Motivation Works
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How you can use show and tell to bring your class together—at any grade level.

Updating an Age-Old Class Activity
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From simple machines to life skills.

Elementary Engineering
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The principal who considers it an honor and a privilege to teach the “bad kids.”

Principal of a School on the Edge
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The best kind of work <3. Happy birthday, Mister Rogers!
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Neat ways you can use this new technology to create an interactive and explorative learning experience.

New G Suite Apps to Boost Your Effectiveness
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Creative poetry pairings to engage your students’ curiosity and spark rich discussions.

Poetry Across the Curriculum
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"I wasn't okay with adding my name to the list of adults who have failed him, so I've started on a track that's forced me to question absolutely everything I've learned as an educator."

5 Epiphanies for Reaching the Unreachable Learner
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How students engage with feedback is just as important as how it’s delivered.

Maximizing Your Feedback’s Impact
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If you're a school leader, this toolkit is for you.

Top School Leadership Resources
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Sometimes good intentions can lead to bad outcomes.

When Helping Hurts