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Fill in the gap: "Studying with friends makes it ________."

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Fill in the gap: "I need to have my coin collection ___________ by an expert."

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Tired of saying goodbye? Here are some alternative ways to do it!

Don't Be a Word Bore: Alternative Ways to Say Goodbye

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"Stop beating around the bush and tell me!"
Why would you say this to someone?

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A. Lucy has been waiting since yesterday.
B. Lucy is waiting since yesterday.

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If you could say anything to anyone today, what would you say?
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Happy Valentine's Day from EF English Live! We hope there is someone in the world you love as much as we love English. <3
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"She has a habit of dwelling on things."
What’s the meaning of this word?

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The word 'corridor' originates from the Latin word for 'run'. Can you guess why?

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A. I am doing good, thank you!
B. I am doing well, thank you!

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"She felt a little dubious about the topic."

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"This trip cost me an arm and a leg."
Do you know the meaning of this expression?

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Do you know any good jokes in English? Tell us!
A. Please sign the guestbook before existing.
B. Please sign the guestbook before exiting.

Now there's one to be careful about! Which one is correct?

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A. I was in England last week.
B. I have been in England last week.

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There is a new word added to the English language about every two hours.

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"It is important to wash your whites and colours ________."
Which one is correct?

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"I'm going to throw an extravagant party for my birthday."
What kind of a party is it going to be?

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