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The Courses site is driving us crazy! Working to get it fixed!! Please tell others.
We will have a member meeting at Brooklyn Roasting coffee shop in Namba,Osaka on Dec 28 from 2:30pm to 4:30pm. Please join us! We look forward to seeing you! Thanks! Love <3

Effortless English Members Meeting in Namba!

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I'll do more EE Shows next week. Upcoming topics: Interview Questions, more Public Speaking tips, homeschooling tips, new "AJ Hoge Show"
"Say Goodbye To Jobs". Here's an incredibly good Corporate Business speaker. Emotional voice. Walks the stage (energy). Passionate. Tom Peters is excellent. [Also an interesting topic]. Business speeches DON'T have to be boring! [ Youtu.be Link ]

Tom Peters - Reimagine Business Excellence in A Disruptive Age

Questions. Answers, Comments: Speaking, Fear, Body Language
Better Public Speaking and Job Interviews. The new Effortless English Show is here! Watch it now: [ Effortlessenglishclub.com Link ]

Filler Words | Public Speaking - Learn to Speak English Powerfully With...

Gap Years and Sabbaticals | LIVE After Show Chat
Schools War On Boys | Q&A LIVE
Watch my latest #EEShow | The War on Boys in Schools : [ Effortlessenglishclub.com Link ]

War on Boys in Schools