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Eisenberg Paris
12/01/2016 at 16:29. Facebook
Ready for a cocooning moment? Quench your skin and calm the feeling of discomfort with Hydra comfort and Hand Treatment.
"We do not make concessions. We wish to remain faithful to whom we are and the values we stand for”.
Edmond Eisenberg, the face of the Men’s line, shared his vision of the beauty world in an exclusive interview for Alist Magazine.
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With its sober and elegant lines, this range perfectly characterises the EISENBERG Man’s philosophy: looking for style and substance.
The EISENBERG research has conceived the textures to meet Men’s high expectations: lightweight textures with a quick absorption, for an easy and universal routine!
All the EISENBERG expertise in a formula to combat the signs of ageing.
Following its expertise, EISENBERG provides solutions to today’s urban men, living in a dynamic fast-moving environment, with problems such as fatigue, oiliness and blemishes. Whilst it is an essential aid during the shaving routine, it also offers an effective daily skincare regime with anti-ageing benefits, greatly improving the overall appearance of the skin.
Smart products for demanding men.
This woody floral elegantly seduces with subtle accords of White Flowers and Currant Berries at its head. Then, the singular alchemy between Heliotrope and Rose in the heart flows through a powerful base of Tobacco and Sandalwood to draw a beautiful and passionate love story. #FallInLove
Quench your skin and tackle the ageing process!
Discover your new destination for beautiful facial treatments in Lotte Dongrae, South Korea. Experience an exclusive gateway to a world of elegance and timelessness.
Step 3 - Protect. Wearing a SPF daily is essential to protect the results of the Whitening Corrector, as well as to prevent premature ageing and pigmentation marks. Either it is in your foundation or in your day cream, this essential step cannot be missed.
Step 2 - Correct. This brightening intensive treatment will help you fight against the appearance of dark spots and
helps recover a luminous and perfect complexion.
Discover @frassyaudrey’s new cosmetic love...

a new cosmetic love

Give your skin the chance to restore!
Step 1 - Renew. Exfoliation is the essential first step for the perfect skin renewal. For a velvety skin, free from dead cells and skin’s impurities, apply Soft Creamy Exfoliator once or twice a week on damp skin. This will boost the results of further treatments.
The First Wrinkles Tender Emulsion and the First Wrinkles Delicate Cream are two essential daily treatments specifically designed for all women between 28 and 40 years old. Suitable for all skin types, they will help protect skin, stimulate cell renewal and prevent premature skin ageing and the deepening of the first wrinkles.
Perfect for a fresh and luminous complexion!
Discover the anti-wrinkles secret for a perfect and well moisturised skin: First Wrinkles Tender Emulsion and the First Wrinkles Delicate. Two essential treatments designed for all women between 28 and 40 years old.