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We added 9 new yoga, meditation classes and talks to EkhartYoga.com this week:

Esther Ekhart - Ready, steady, go
Francesca Giusti - Heart of joy
Andrew Wrenn - Transforming a Turtle into a Firefly
Julie Martin - Rolling Flow
David Lurey- Rolling joints
Jennilee Toner - Abs, butt and thighs 3
Adela Serrano - Forward bends - the awareness of the back of the body
James Reeves - Using Yoga Nidra...
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What muscles do you actually use when you work your core in yoga?

Anatomy of the core – Ekhart Yoga

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How do we practice Pratyahara which means ‘withdrawal of the senses’ in a world where our senses are so overly stimulated?

Pratyahara - reversing the flow – Ekhart Yoga

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Happy birthday Jose de Groot!
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Nice practice with Adela Serrano Yoga to help you bring awareness and presence to the back of your body - an area that's sometimes neglected in our practice…

For the full class go to: [ Ekhartyoga.com Link ]
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Unique opportunity <3
Special yoga retreats on Tenerife to support women who've been affected by breast cancer, designed to provide solace, rejuvenation and healing....

For more information visit:
First planned retreat: [ Facebook.com Link ]

Yogini rosa Retreats - Together on retreat after breast cancer

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Good vibes! Nichi Green shares her love of music and yoga. Including 4 of her yoga music playlists :)

Good Vibrations, Yoga and Music – Ekhart Yoga

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Join Jennilee Toner in another awesome, strength-based Abs, butt and thighs practice!
So much fun as you tone and strengthen these areas of the body. Lots of twists, turns and flows in this one!
For the full class go to: [ Ekhartyoga.com Link ]
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A process of pregnancy through yoga <3
It is beautiful what is possible, and good to know that being pregnant doesn't mean you can't keep up your advanced practice. In these examples below however these are very experienced pregnant yogi's!! Not for the beginner yogi or for someone with a difficult pregnancy!

You can find all of our all level pregnancy yoga classes here: [ Ekhartyoga.com Link ]
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A beautiful article about the friendship of Esther Ekhart and Twanna Doherty from Yogamatters

Esther: “Meeting Twanna was like meeting a sister, a sister in spirit, a sister in business and a sister in values."

The Start of Things to Come - Yogamatters Blog

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How do you feel today after practising yoga? :)
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Learn what the 7 major chakras inside you represent :)
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Jennilee Toner shares her passion for the big toe hold in yoga :)

Why hold the big toe in yoga poses? – Ekhart Yoga

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Looking for music in your yoga class? Get inspired by our teachers' all-time yoga music favourites :)

Do you use music in your yoga class? – Ekhart Yoga

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How yoga is helping the homeless in Brasil to take a break from the rough reality of living on the streets.... <3
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Esther Ekhart has been chosen as teacher of the month by Yoga magazine UK! Here are some helpful tips from Esther on how to practise Vasitsthasana. #benefits

Side Plank Variation

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Balanced kidney energy relates to wisdom and trust in yourself; an ability to deal with stress as well the ability to let things go.
This active sequence is designed to focus on the physiological aspects of the kidneys, through compression, to keep them healthy and functioning well!

For the full instructions go to: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Today's yoga class with Julie Martin is a repetitive sequence that adds on and explores deeper by releasing the lower back and hamstrings to find more space in twists. Expect twists and Marichyasana variations. Enjoy this class!
For the full class visit: [ Bit.ly Link ]