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Great news! Yoga has joined Unesco’s list of intangible world heritage <3

Yoga joins Unesco world heritage list

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Beautiful teaching by EkhartYoga teacher Jeff Foster ( on how to paint yourself on the canvas :)
You can find all of Jeff's teachings here: [ Ekhartyoga.com Link ]
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Here's a quick look at the new yoga and meditation videos we added this week. There's plenty to choose from :)

Esther Ekhart - A balanced everyday yoga practice
Andrew Wrenn - Intermediate Hatha yoga
Jeff Phenix - Shadow style!
Esther Teule - Responding to challenging times
Julie Martin - Springs and recoils 2
Adela Serrano - Supported restorative class
David Lurey - The Hipster (no beard...
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The New Year is the time when detox products and programs confront us everywhere we look! EkhartYoga teacher David Dodd shares why yoga is the best and oldest practice there is when it comes to purification or detox :)

Yoga - The ultimate detox – Ekhart Yoga

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Learn how to release stress stored in our bodies :)
The psoas is one of the largest muscles in the body and it is a place where we often store stress or trauma that can literally influence our mood and our outlook on life....

How to Release the Stress stored in our Bodies

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So nice! 20 wonderful learnings by Winnie the Pooh :)

20 profoundly important things we learned from Winnie the Pooh

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Time to dig out your exercise ball from the attic and get playful with yoga :) Join Jennilee in this five-minute preview of her new class on EkhartYoga.com.
EkhartYogis can find her full class here: [ Ekhartyoga.com Link ]
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What pose would you put next?
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"Sometimes the more simple the pose is, the less noise there is...."

Why I love Dandasana – Ekhart Yoga

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Interesting question. Who actually is the 'yoga community'?

Who Is The Yoga Community?

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8 lessons learned from an Ashtanga yogi <3
You can find all of our Ashtanga yoga classes here:
[ Ekhartyoga.com Link ]

8 Things I Learned From Ashtanga Yoga

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Try these nine steps towards Tittibhasana - Firefly pose. Bear in mind, this is a challenging, advanced sequence and the shape of your poses may look very different to Andrew's.

Firefly yoga sequence – Ekhart Yoga

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Enjoy five minutes of Yinish flow with Anat in this preview of her new class "A courageous flow"
"Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we have what it takes; that we have inside of us a well of power and energy that always supports and sustains us" <3

EkhartYogis can find the full class here: [ Ekhartyoga.com Link ]
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Remove stagnant energy and get fresh and hip in today's Vinyasa flow class by David Lurey :)
Watch the preview below.
EkhartYogis! Join David in the full class: [ Ekhartyoga.com Link ]
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Cultivate balance and strength by blending both Yin and Yang yoga aspects in one class in this Yin Yang Yoga Program!
Join our program just for 1 euro for the first month :)

Yin Yang Online Yoga Program - Ekhart Yoga

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