Double gig Down Under!

Speedy J is playing the Country Club Stage as well as the Elements Main Stage at the Babylon Festival in Melbourne Sunday!

Babylon Festival - Victoria

22 new names have been anounced for We Are Electric Weekender 2017! These four gentlemen have been added to our stage lineup!

Tickets: [ Link ]
This night was amazing. Thank you JACOB!
How will you spend your Easter Sunday?

Speedy J will be rocking the Generator stage at DGTL Amsterdam 2017… We hope to see you there!
Four hours of Collabs 3000 tonight. Let's go Lyon!


The Wizard will be with us this summer at We Are Electric!

Jeff Mills and Speedy J have just been announced. Many more to be confirmed soon!
We are hosting a stage at the We Are Electric Weekender 2017!

The first names will be revealed tomorrow...
Just announced: Speedy J will return to De School this Saturday!

Speedy J / Talismann / Tijana T

A big thank you to everyone who came to Rotterdam yesterday! This was a night to remember. Your support means a lot to us!

Captured by Eva de Korte Photography
The running order this Saturday!

◥ Event: Electric Deluxe x Dystopian
◥ Tickets: [ Link ]
Another visual artist has been added to Saturday's line-up! Marco Broeders (Co2RO) will transform several rooms of Factory 010 using projectors and specially designed rotating discs and machinery. Analogue lightworks all the way!

◥ Event: Electric Deluxe x Dystopian
◥ Tickets: [ Link ]
The wait is almost over!

◥ Event: Electric Deluxe x Dystopian
◥ Tickets: [ Link ]
In 10 days RØDHÅD, Speedy J and both of their labels will be reunited. We can't wait to top last year!

◥ Next up: Electric Deluxe x Dystopian
Orphx treat us to an industrial history lesson: [ Link ] #podcast
Mark your agenda!

Electric Deluxe x Dystopian

◥ Get your tickets here: [ Link ]
Speedy J has published one of last year’s all night long sets!

His next all-nighter takes place the 11th of February in Rotterdam, where he will take over one of the areas until the sun comes up!

◥ Event: Electric Deluxe x Dystopian

Speedy J all night long 2016