Electric Love Festival
03/26/2017 at 16:13. Facebook
☀ Exactly 100 days left until #ELF17! ☀

Who's got their tickets already?

Electric Love Festival
03/26/2017 at 11:54. Facebook
WOW! Congratulations Stefan Kraft for winning the overall world cup! We think this excellent performance deserves a very special reward! And since you've been with us last year... why not every year?... :)

⭐This is your lifetime ticket for the Electric Love Platin VIP Lodge! ⭐

Let's celebrate at #ELF17!

Electric Love Festival
03/24/2017 at 18:14. Facebook
PREPARE FOR LANDING - The weekend is approaching!

#ELF17 #FiveYearsTogether

by Klemen Stular
Electric Love Festival
03/23/2017 at 17:24. Facebook
The biggest hardstyle brand in the world is returning to Electric Love!

Explore the Saturday line up of the Q-dance madness at #ELF17!

Have marshmello & Donald J. Trump ever been seen in the same room?

Tickets for another appearance at #ELF17:

Ticket Update!

Boom! VIP Bronze festival passes and caravan camping tickets are now SOLD OUT too!

Act now and secure the remaining categories on

#ELF17 #FiveYearsTogether
Ticket Alert!

VIP Bronze festival passes, caravan camping tickets and ÖBB comfort railaxed huts for 4 are ALMOST SOLD OUT!

Head over to and secure your favourite categories before it's too late!

#ELF17 #FiveYearsTogether
Flags up for Don Diablo at ELF16!

Who's ready for festival season & #ELF17?!


by Kevin Verkruijssen
✨ Want a warm up party on Wednesday like this?! ✨

Then get your tickets now because warm up party tickets are VERY LIMITED!

Not everyone who's on the campsite on Wednesday can join!
Head over to the shop now ▶

#ELF17 #FiveYearsTogether

by Matic
Ready for the weekend? Felice just updated the official Electric Love Festival playlist on Spotify with line up phase 2 artists!

Get into weekend mood! ▶ [ Bit.ly Link ]

#ELF17 #FiveYearsTogether
✅ Facebook Q & A Session now open! ✅

Comment your questions regarding #ELF17 below and we'll do our best to answer everything that's on your mind!

We're rocking until 20:00/8pm - Let's go! <3

Got any important questions about the best time of the summer? Then join us tomorrow for this years first #ELF17 Facebook Q & A session!

Tomorrow, Tuesday - March 14th - 7pm/19:00

The Electric Love Ambassadors - Getting together to help us improve the ELF festival experience every year! (y)

#ELF17 #FiveYearsTogether

by Heimo Spindler
✨ Happy weekend ya'll! ✨

116 days before we're #FiveYearsTogether!


by Alex Van Oostrum
▶ How to get exited for festival summer:

▶ Step 1: Watch line up phase 2 of #ELF17
▶ Step 2: buy your tickets on before it's too late
▶ Step 3: Congratulations - you are now exited for festival summer!

Join us LIVE for #ELF17 Line Up Phase 2 of 4! #FiveYearsTogether
Ready for line up phase 2 of 4 tomorrow at 7pm?

Don't forget to secure your tickets soon since many categories are already sold out! Head over to now!

#ELF17 #FiveYearsTogether
Can you feel the energy? Line up phase 2 is coming!

Get ready for another live stream event on Tuesday at 7pm right here on Facebook!

#ELF17 #FiveYearsTogether

by Rita Barros Seixas