Feeling the call of mother nature after being a total shut-in the last couple of days not leaving the computer.. zzz.

Beautiful capture from my New Zealand travels by Carlos de Treend
Thank you for this shot of my signature fire act "mother of dragons" at last years London Tattoo Convention (Official page) , Magpie Tommy Photographer :)! love it!

Next up on a tattoo convention stage is my shows at Tattoo Meltdown 2017 <3

I have decided to be very picky with both modeling and performing this year as I have many changes and big life changing decisions ahead of me this year,...
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The lovely Gesche Glitterheart Franzén of Träumerei Fotografi took some very special photos of me in my home right before I left for NZ <3 I adore them and look forward to working with her more in the future :) ! here in a sparkly wonderful Playful Promises set <3
Another awesome one from Carlos de Treend taken in Wellington/ New Zealand <3 I am so happy we got to shoot, we created so many awesome photos! I hope everyone had a lovely NYE and start of the new year, I sure know many of us had a rough last year..
My last #sandybum #beachbum for you all this trip I wish you all happy holidays no matter how or if you celebrate! I am happy to spend it with my best friend in this gorgeous country ☀ being atheist myself I never celebrate for religious reasons but enjoy nature life food and loved ones just as I do every day of the year! Sending extra big hugs to everyone who might feel lonely or sad this...
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First up from my shoot in New Zealand with @carlos de treend is this wonderful shot ❣ Hope you guys love it!
I know you all aren't tired of seeing me do #yoga poses on beaches yet so here is another one from tonights camping spot #elegyellem #namasteyhere #explorenz #cathedralcove #traveldiaries
Tomorrow I have a shoot! I Hope I havent forgotten how to put on makeup since I havent worn any since the tattoo convention three something weeks ago anyways! ; Sometimes I dance for adorable People like @g.glitterheart at their sparkling birthday parties❣ captured by @sandrasfoton #elegyellem #burlesque #performer #showgirl
Thank you for filming this @therachelatlas
Today was a day spent on our own and I have spent it walking around, drinking delicious cocktails by the water front, drawing, drinking Coffee, climbing trees such as this beautiful giant, on wich I sat down drawing and looking at the scenery in for about an hour, and more. I immediately felt the need to be by myself as soon as people started making eye contact when I was walking around so...
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So today we jumped both the #nevisbungy (134m) and #nevisswing in #newzealand and it was awesome and now I feel like every morning should start with a 134 m plunge into nothing! Wakes you right up #explore #traveldiaries #travelnewzealand #explorenz #extreme
Fotograf Jonas Wahlin

❤❤❤❤ @therachelatlas @elliemaymarshall @luckyhell #nztattoofestival @nztattoofestival #elegyellem #elliemaymarshall #luckyhell #theratchelatlas
It's almost time to climb the trees of New Zealand!!! ❤❤❤ if anyone knows awesome photographers over there please do get in touch would love to do some shoots in the beautiful nature! Both tf (skilled professionals) and paid work with all levels of experience are of interest! Dm me here or at elegyellem@hotmail.com ❤ photo @josefinejonssonphoto in my beloved #forloveandlemons dress that will...
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I have arrived in my hometown in north Sweden and will spend a couple of days eating candy, sleeping 8 hours per night (been working on 4-5 hours /night max this month) and with loved ones ☺❤ I Will also try to catch up on admin, emails etc and prep for my 4 last shows of this year, my NZ trip, and do lots of yoga ❤ to you all!
Bye everyone it has been awesome as always ❤ #brusselstattooconvention #elegyellem headed home to pack my bags for @nztattoofestival now!!!!❤❤❤ see you there soon
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See you tomorrow lovely ones :) would like to ask everyone taking photos of the shows not to forget to hashtag us at #brusselsburlesquefestival so we can see your photos! <3

We are starting at 16.30! Do not be late or you will miss shows <3

International Brussels Tattoo Convention

photo by Josefine Jonsson photography
lingerie by Playful Promises
It is almost time for International Brussels Tattoo Convention where I will be hosting the burlesque festival on Saturday! Please do come say hi and watch the shows and cheer us all on, amazing performers will be taking the stage for you! <3 Here is a photo from my first year hosting the convention in 2014, talking to my friend and amazing tattoo artist Mikael "St.Michael" Schelén :)
Hi everyone! I am up late ( well, I suppose it is now more like "early" since it is 4 am here... working my butt off ( or my back..hmm) sorting everything out for International Brussels Tattoo Convention coming up this saturday! I will be performing and hosting the burlesque festival, and would love to see you all there, please do come cheer us on while we perform for you all! <3 If anyone is interested in a signed print let me know by email elegyellem@hotmail.com and I will bring prints for you!

But for now...
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Next weekend I will be at International Brussels Tattoo Convention hosting the burlesque festival! <3 and in 2 weeks I am headed for New Zealand to perform at NZ Tattoo and Art Festival and then travel NZ for five weeks!!! so amazing, so excited! <3 photo Josefine Jonsson photography of my favorite new dress from For Love and Lemons <3