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Detective Bell issues a warning to Chantel's ex-husband.

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The real danger is where you least expect it on tonight's new Elementary. Watch or stream it live: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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What is the link between a clown's murder and the creation of a weaponized virus? Find out on a new Elementary tonight after Madam Secretary.
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Happy Friday! Enjoy these jaw-dropping shots of Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu.

Elementary's Dynamic Detective Duo Like You've Never Seen Before

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A killer clown is no laughing matter on a new Elementary this Sunday, Jan. 15. [ Bit.ly Link ]
If Shinwell is serious about taking down SBK, he'll need all the training he can get.

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Holmes & Watson play cat and mouse with a sociopath holding a woman captive.
Shinwell isn't taking his training very seriously.

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A woman is held hostage by a kidnapper you'd least expect on a new Elementary this Sunday, Jan. 8. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Time to kick off 2017 with a brand new episode of Elementary this Sunday, January 8th!
Happy New Year, Elementary fans! What would you add to this list?

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Jonny Lee Miller has mastered the chic and fashionable winter look.

23 Ways CBS Stars Look Cool While Keeping Warm

Happy Holidays from all of us at Elementary! Wishing you and your loved ones the very best! ❄
Go back to the first days in the brownstone. Watch Elementary Season 1 for a special price on iTunes now.

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We could all take some fashion cues from Lucy Liu.

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Is Sherlock's proposal to Shinwell out of trust or suspicion?
Who has stolen Watson's identity? Watch a new Elementary tonight after Madam Secretary.
Just what are you insinuating, Marcus? Don't miss tonight's new Elementary after Madam Secretary.