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Watson and Holmes gather clues about their latest case in a storage locker of abandoned goods.

Watch An Exclusive Extended Sneak Peek For Sunday's New Elementary

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Will Joan and Sherlock discover a fortune in pirate's treasure on Sunday's new Elementary? [ Bit.ly Link ]
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How well do Sherlock and Joan really know Shinwell? Is he guilty of committing an unsolved murder? New Elementary this Sunday, March 26.
Sherlock made a shocking discovery about Shinwell's past.
Who sold their soul for rock n' roll? ♬
We have a shooting to solve and a women's life hangs in the balance.

Sneak Peek: But The Crime Scene Has Driven Away

On Sunday's new Elementary, a priceless guitar ends up in the wrong hands. Who sold their soul for rock n' roll? ♬
If a homicide was heard, but there’s no evidence, was there a crime? New Elementary this Sunday.
Did you miss the conclusion to Elementary's two-part event?
Why is a rogue agent targeting Sherlock? Elementary's 2-part event concludes tonight!
The conclusion to Elementary's 2-part event is tonight! Take a sneak peek and tune in after Madam Secretary.
Who's interrogating who? Sherlock finds himself in a peculiar situation on Sunday's new Elementary.
Happy Birthday to Elementary’s Aidan Quinn!
Sherlock, Joan & Kitty track a killer and uncover a government conspiracy on the conclusion of a 2-part Elementary, Sunday, March 12th.
This case is not over yet. Watch part 2 to see how this mystery unravels on Sunday, March 12th.
3 murders. 3 suspects. And a most unexpected surprise tonight!
Joan has some hesitations about Kitty's return to New York. Watch a new Elementary tonight after Madam Secretary!
Kitty returns to warn Sherlock about a killer who may be targeting him. Elementary is new Sunday, March 5th.
Kitty Winter returns to New York after a three-year absence on Sunday's new Elementary! [ Bit.ly Link ]