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I took this photograph back in May 2015 in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique. It is not a particularly good shot - I was a long distance away handholding a huge telephoto lens. The point is that it shows some behavior that is fairly unusual. The elephant on the right is an enormous female - gf0061 and the elephant on the left is a young male gm0081. They are sparring - playful behavior that...
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There has been a lot of outrage expressed on Facebook about the plan by Timbavati Reserve in South Africa to put a great tusker on their quota to be hunted. There are a whole slew of reasons why a great tusker should not be killed, but we want to focus on just one.

Joyce is the lead author on a chapter entitled "Longevity, Competition and Musth: A Long-Term Perspective on Male Reproductive...
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Timbavati risks tourist backlash to hunt a super tusker | Daily Maverick

This piece, written by Yury Fedotov Executive Director, UN Office on Drugs and Crime, was published on World Wildlife Day, 3 March. The piece is short, clear and, unfortunately, quite timeless - every year, month, week, day, extinction knocks on species and ecosystems. "The tragic truth is that poaching and trafficking of wildlife is wrecking the natural world", writes Fedotov. It is killing...
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When Extinction Knocks, There Are No Second Chances

We stayed with the woman on the right in Nairobi from last night - any idea what species we talked a bit about? In addition to her 3 dogs and 2 cats, I mean? Amboseli Trust for Elephants Petter
Spend a few minutes this weekend to learn about our work in 4,000 sq. km. Gorongosa National Park - and about Gorongosa's rather unique elephants.

To learn about the Gorongosa story, check out some of the fascinating links provided - they offer hope and inspiration. Enjoy your weekend! National Geographic Nat Geo Wild PBS Howard Hughes Medical Institute WildiZe Foundation Elephant Crisis Fund

Gorongosa Elephant Project

We know that a photo of people is not what you prefer to see:-). But, the collaboration symbolised by this image of participants at last weeks two-day meeting of the Borderlands Conservation Initiative ([ Borderlandconservation.org) Link ] is important for the protection of wildlife and habitat.

We enjoyed catching up with colleagues and discussing solutions to some of the many challenges...
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Right when we felt that the situation in Kenya (for elephants) seemed to be under decent control. The story linked speaks for itself...

Giant elephant Satao 2 poached in Tsavo, 6 super tuskers left - Africa Geographic

Gorongosa National Park female Emília and her calf pause in the dust raised by a rowdy aggregation of 45 elephants. Emília was named by our colleague Dominique D'Emille for her mother. National Geographic WildiZe Foundation Elephant Crisis Fund
The large tuskless female on the left is Iria of Gorongosa National Park's I family. She is pictured here with a segment of the family in an area of the park that we call the Elephant Boulevard. The Boulevard is a major trail that is used by elephants to move from the forest past a pan and beyond to the Lake Urema floodplain.

Elephants are very tactile animals. In the photo younger members of...
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SUPPORT WORLD WILDLIFE DAY 2017 ([ Wildlifeday.org)! Link ]

Nómada, a large tuskless female in Gorongosa National Park, is taking up the position of Rear-Guard, walking behind the others to make sure everyone is safe from perceived threats. It is dusk, a time when elephants feel safe to head out to the open floodplain to feed on green grass around Lake Urema.

Nómada was named by Dominique...
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We hope you will enjoy this little story with video, where ElephantVoices' Joyce Poole comments on how she "reads" the rather fascinating behavior filmed of an interaction between an elephant and a rhino. Are you amazed? Please share if you are:-). National Geographic Petter

Watch an Elephant Invite a Rhino to Play

The other day we asked our followers on Facebook for some Portuguese names beginning with I to help us name members of the I Family in Gorongosa National Park. Many of your responded with suggestions. Here is another of the females we named. This is Ines. She is a tuskless female with very smooth ears (no notches or tears). In other words, not a particularly easy elephant to identify were it...
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In December last year, China announced it would stop domestic trade in ivory by the end of 2017. This decision comes late - but we still need to applaud China for doing the only right thing. Thank you to the Elephant Listening Project for an important initiative!

Watch wonderful footage of forest elephants in the Congo Basin - filmed by colleague, Andrea Turkalo, and learn more about what we...
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China's Promise

Two days ago we asked our followers to suggest some names for the I family in Gorongosa National Park. Angela Sherrill suggested the name Iphegenia "born to be strong". If, indeed, that is what the name means we felt that it works very well for gf0046, who is both brave and strong. Here she is photographed in October 2016.

Thank you for all your suggestions - we have more to share with you...
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We hope you are enjoying your Sunday! We have a suggestion for those of you who haven't seen the six-part documentary series Gorongosa Park: Rebirth of Paradise, that premiered in 2015: Watch it! And if all six episodes is a bit much for one day:-) - why not spend a bit of your Sunday to learn more about the Gorongosa elephants and our work with them? You will meet some of the other wild...
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Episode 5 | Battle Lines | Gorongosa Park: Rebirth of Paradise

Here is one of our best known Gorongosa families in smokey evening light, which bathed everything a yellowish tone. We start by giving elephants numbers until we have a pretty good idea which family they belong to.

We are finally at a stage where we can begin giving elephants names. Since Portuguese is Mozambique's national language we are trying to give them Portuguese names. This is the I...
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Allow me to be proud of my life partner and ElephantVoices' colleague and co-founder, Joyce Poole, who has been named 2017 Horace Dutton Taft Medal Honoree at Taft School in Watertown, Connecticut. She will receive Taft's highest alumni award at the Old Guard Dinner on Alumni Weekend, 12th May.

In the linked story the headline is: "A passionate Voice for Justice". I 100% agree with that. To...
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The Taft School - News

Marcela (previously known as "Pointy-Tusks") and gf0025 with their calves, on a misty morning in 2013 in Gorongosa National Park. These elephants are from the Mabenzi family, notorious for their incredibly coordinated 36-elephant-strong Group-Charges. This photograph was taken with a very long and heavy lens from about 100 meters away.

During our latest field trip in October 2016 we had a...
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Some of you may not have been able to see the six-part documentary series from Gorongosa that premiered in 2015. You can still do it on PBS LearningMedia - we have linked episode 2, which gives some insight into Gorongosa and its elephants.

We have seen some changes in behavior since this documentary series was filmed - which we will tell you more about during our next meeting with these...
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Episode 2 | Elephant Whisperer | Gorongosa Park: Rebirth of Paradise

Yay ATE - 40 years of elephant social history reviewed in 90 seconds! So cool!

Studying wild elephants