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[ Spotify.com Link ] #KissesinmyEars
Though my own music isn't quite ready to share yet, I always like to share the music I'm loving listening to. Check my Spotify playlist KISSES IN MY EARS [ Spotify.com Link ]
Nobody loves me the way that music loves me. It's the affair I'll have for life. It's a hand held out to mine, it's arms that wrap around me and when I'm really lucky, it's kisses in my ears.

Go check my spotify playlist all the music I love right now #KissesinmyEars

[ Spotify.com Link ]
If everybody stopped caring what other people think, I reckon we'd all be dancing down the street. Confident. Without judgement there would only be fluid natural movement. We'd sing out loud when we felt it and in other moments stay silent rather than filling the gaps unnecessarily. Never ashamed to smile for ourselves.

Our insecurities mean that we live at just a fraction of our full...
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Studio slouch
Love this @gunnerr1234 David Bowie - Self Portrait
The man who made all the odd ones OUT feel like the odd ones IN.
So much love for you David Bowie. You've been a huge influence on us all. Rest in perfect peace.
On our way out

Goodnight 2015
Nothing better to wake up to on Xmas morning! Happy Christmas from me!!!! ❤