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Red, blue and orange can pretend to be green all they want.

But Canadians are seeing that the only true green is Green.

‘He’s a liar’: Why the Left Coast may be writing off Justin Trudeau

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The Liberal administration wants you to think PR is dangerous.

But it's just the opposite. Doing nothing is where the far greater risks lie.

Trudeau's Broken Promise Could Lead To A Canadian Donald Trump

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We support a revenue-neutral price on carbon.

Taxpayers wouldn't pay a penny more, and we could gradually phase out fossil fuels, while creating thousands of new jobs in the renewable sector.

The only people who can argue with that are the oil executives.

Why concerns over carbon pricing are misplaced - Macleans.ca

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If the Liberals wanted to keep this promise, they could have.

Instead, they took the easy way out.

How electoral reform is the most important decision Canada isn't making

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Like Stephen Harper's trade deals, CETA puts corporate interests ahead Canadians' interests.

CETA To Cost Average Working Canadian $2,460 In Lost Income: Report

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Access to clean drinking water is a right.

We must take the steps necessary to protect it.

Water treatment plants fail on reserves across Canada, Globe review finds

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200,000 litres. And it barely made headlines.

That's how numb the media has become to these common pipeline leaks.

Enbridge pipeline leaks 200,000 litres of oil condensate in Strathcona County

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A list of some of the disappointing broken promises from the young Trudeau administration.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: 500 Days of Trudeau’s Broken Promises

We want to create all the jobs we can.

Building more export pipelines just isn't the way to do that.

Keystone pipeline will create just 35 permanent jobs. Don't believe the lies

It's not too late for Justin Trudeau to change his mind and keep his promise to fix our broken voting system.

Sign the official petition: [ Parl.gc.ca Link ]
Send a message to Justin Trudeau that he needs to stand up for the interests of Canadians, not corporations, and reject this bad deal:

[ Greenparty.ca Link ]

BREAKING: TransCanada refiles application in Nebraska for Keystone XL pipeline

The last two elections under first-past-the-post gave us false majorities (39% of the vote, 100% of the power).

FPTP provides perverse results. PR is the solution, not a problem.

Andrew Coyne: Don’t fear Trudeau's proportional representation bogeymen

82 spills. 6 in Jasper. And now they want to triple the capacity.


Pipeline Never Spilled In Jasper: Kinder Morgan Alternative Fact

Any meeting of foreign leaders that doesn't address this issue will cost us time we don't have.

Trump, Trudeau avoid climate change talk

This isn’t just about the jobs threat of automation.

This is about finding a better way of helping the people who need it the most.

Elon Musk doubles down on universal basic income: 'It's going to be necessary'

Important Reminder: Fracking isn't green.

And it isn't the energy solution we need.

More frequent, stronger earthquakes linked to fracking, Alberta study finds

Trump and Trudeau met today, and discussed their mutual support for Keystone XL.

Help us fight the unnecessary, dangerous pipeline: [ Greenparty.ca Link ]