Officially wrapped my scenes filming #FightingWithMyFamily in London and in LA!!! Feeling so incredibly grateful to have worked alongside some of the most brilliant talent and hard working and committed people! The special thing is this movie is not JUST for wrestling fans, it's got so much depth and story to it I think a lot of people will walk away feeling very inspired to chase their...
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Wrapped filming in LA for our movie #FightingWithMyFamily.. next stop London!! Anyone who was at #WWE Monday night RAW saw how incredibly hard the team has been working to bring you something really special.

The early call times, extra gym sessions, long nights and hard work are real for ALL of us.. but I love it and I can't wait for you guys to see this true story!!! It's based on a unique...
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I am SO grateful to be a part of this amazing and special project for #FightingWithMyFamily. I've been working my butt off in the ring, with acting coaches & working with the incredible team who are putting this story together to deliver a solid & authentic performance for you guys. A HUGE shout out and thank-you has to go to the Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Mr Dwayne Johnson, you have been the...
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Thanks for having me on Today Show Karl Stefanovic & Lisa Wilkinson, love the Aussie support ❀
So grateful I got to spend my birthday weekend with one of my best friends ❀ [ Link ]
Happy #SuperBowl Sunday.. Celebrating my birthday today by watching the [yellow tail] commercial air during the #BigGame! LETS GO! Photo: Sarah Orbanic #SB51 #SuperBowlLI #YellowTailGuy #PatsNation #Patriots #Falcons #FAUXFurOfCourse [ Link ]
My [yellow tail] Super Bowl commercial is here!!! It's got sex appeal, a cracking Aussie sense of humour, my cheeky mate Roo–pert with the #YellowTailGuy AND it's the first wine company to advertise during the Super Bowl in 40 years!

I am SO honored to represent Australia and an Australian brand in the Super Bowl in such a huge way.. and yes, every Aussie guy owns a yellow suit and we have...
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Flying back to LA tonight after such a fun press-junket for the [yellow tail] Super Bowl commercial but I can't leave NYC without doing macaroons and green tea at Maison LadurΓ©e #teatime #IAteThemAllBeforeThisPhoto BRING ON SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!! #PATSNATION
I had the most amazing day in New York for the [yellow tail] Super Bowl press-junket. Thankyou EVERYONE for all of the love & support towards the commercial and it hasn't even aired on the Super Bowl yet! ❀ It will be airing on my birthday (game day Feb 5th) and I feel so honored and proud to be apart of the Aussie commercial, especially since a wine brand hasn't advertised in 40 years for the...
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Live with chatting about my sexy [yellow tail] Super Bowl commercial airing this Sunday!!
I could live in denim ???? [ Link ]
Would you like some fries with that shake? ;) #GUESSGirl GUESS [ Link ]
Who's joining me Super Bowl day!? Keep an eye out for the [yellow tail] Super Bowl commercial I make a special cameo in during the game.. ;) #DidYouMeetMyMateRoopert #Yellowtail #YellowtailGuy

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Ellie’s $10M bid to woo 160 million Super Bowl viewers
This is one of my favorite pics of all time.. I was feeling extremely homesick and lonely so one of my best friends Rani came out to stay with me in LA for 4 weeks the first year I was in LA.

There was a lesson in this photo for me, maybe for you too. Sometimes life may look so easy and wonderful, especially on social media -- because we see images like this. But I went through some really...
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Happy 2017. Can't wait to share what I have in store for you this year!!!! ❀
I don't know about you guys. But I've been working out hard this week just so I can sit and enjoy a mound of Christmas food tomorrow here in Australia Merry Christmas!!!
Barcelona. Not often I get to be a tourist when I travel for work but I was lucky enough to have a day out in this beautiful city.. and I fell in love!
So much fun shooting the #SuperBowl commercial for [yellow tail] Wine in Barcelona! Working with such an amazing team.. #superbowl51 #nfl
Happy #SteveIrwinDay.. what better way to celebrate such an important day than a photo with one of his GREATEST accomplishments his beautiful daughter Bindi Irwin ❀ such an incredible legacy and family he built, may we always remember Steve and carry on his dream. Australia Zoo Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors
So much fun shooting the #SuperBowl commercial for [yellow tail] Wine in Barcelona today! Working with such an amazing team.. #superbowl51 I LOVE Barcelona, Spain!