Honestly what a day, the green texta and opening gag are my favourite bits but that last line. I'm honoured he even listens to the show.
John Laws WROTE ME A LETTER Honestly what a day the green
Cheree Bibi
Maddie Downey
Kim Woodley
Well I think we all agree, Lisa got the best Mother's day gift! Although I think we can do better than seat 25. This ticket is absolutely valid for my next show near you Lisa!
Well I think we all agree Lisa got the best Mothers day
Hayley Morris
Lisa McDonald
Jacki Lowery
Today was a most excellent day, above all else I realised that Scotty and I are raising two thoughtful, excellent humans who know how to show their love and appreciation in creative and wonderful ways. They cooked breakfast for me, made a booking for a surprise high tea, cleaned my room and generally didn't let me lift a finger.

Scotty didn't put a foot wrong either. He even let me look at...
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Today was a most excellent day above all else I realised that
Jo Mietzel
Mel Reynolds
Kylie Simpson
Melsy Bob
Lisa Campbell
Elizabeth Grove
My team surprised me with a pony on the show today. They know how badly I want one and hired Rusty the miniature horse for the morning.

My husband just walked in the door and without even saying hello said:

"You're not getting a pony"

Em: Yes I am, you literally cannot stop me. It's my destiny, I will fight you to the death, I will have my pony.
Scott: Em. No.
Em: This is...
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My team surprised me with a pony on the show today They
Angela Seymour
Kate Matley
Lindle Bishy
We've had some hectic times over the past few weeks.. Here's the highlight reel... We cover Australian Idol, vaginal burns and unicorns deep throating microphones..
Mandy Bushe-Jones
Zac Rheinberger
Rachel Jameson
Sometimes when I'm in the tiny room, talking into the stick, I wonder if anyone else is getting it. Understanding what Harley and I are trying to do.. Look to be honest sometimes we don't understand it! Turns out at least one person is! This is the best review of the Em Rusciano Radio Show with Harley Breen I have ever read. Go and get the pods if you haven't yet! Thanks Sal x
Sometimes when Im in the tiny room talking into the stick I
Kym Squire
Jana Rodden
Belinda McBain
Em Rusciano
Barbsie March
Kelly Smith
More of me tricking my work into letting me sing. Its LET ME LOVE YOU by Mario. Smooth like honey for your ears only less sticky and impractical. Enjoy!
Rebecca McInnes
Nadia Jameson
Amanda Maykin
The final installment of the year 10 formal saga.. There were tears and beers, what a time to be alive! Enjoy my over the top enthusiam.
Karyn Weaver
Victoria Hardy
Sarah Harte
Well! We totally did it! I've just dropped Chella and her pals off at their formal.. I can't quite believe this glorious human is mine, I'm on after party pick up duties, so it's going to be a looooooooong night.
Well We totally did it Ive just dropped Chella and her pals
Amber Nicolosi
Bridget Whitfield
Rebecca Pettolino
Em's Gem is back for another week, we did a sassy acoustic version of "Into You" by Ariana Grande. Big thank you to Olivia, Cliff and Pez (aka Sam Pang) for gently cupping my musical balls once again.
Alicia Humphrey
Samantha McMurdo
Alicia Humphrey
I talked about my SUPRISE SUPRISE internal probe today on air.. How I didn't "prepare the area" as I wasn't expecting company..

But that's ok because we had a few callers who also felt my pain.
Deborah Basel
Kristen Eeles
Jessie Vella
This is just stunning. What a voice. She's come a bloody long way and I have a feeling the best is yet to come. [ Link ]
This is just stunning What a voice Shes come a bloody long

Watch TV Week Logie Awards 2017 Casey Donovan scores those we lost by belting 'Heroes'. | 9Now
Emma Lakeman
Kristy Murphy
Amanda Watkins
Happy Birthday to the ice devouring sex tornado that is my husband. He's on a freight train from hell going straight up the arse of the competition, he gives the people what they want, he's provocative. I love you Barrow, never change, always wear green bonds jocks with holes in questionable spots, that are clinging onto the waistband for dear life. You're equally the coolest and daggiest guy...
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Happy Birthday to the ice devouring sex tornado that is my husband
Stella Wella
Mellyy Clark
Lauren Soyer
Em Rusciano 04/20/2017
Em Rusciano
Sarah Maher
Toni Rugen
Holiday report: Odie's freckles have turned up. I haven't worn pants in 2 days and Chella and Scott are Father/daughter surfing. Good times!
Holiday report Odies freckles have turned up I havent worn pants in
Jo Jessop
Leanne Lanyon
Shannon Anderson
Em Rusciano 04/15/2017
Toni Rugen
Kate Urquhart
Shell Parkes
Husband did a spot of washing today..

He combined my hand wash only, Alice McCall jumpsuit, in the washing machine with: a FUCKING OUTDOOR RUG!


"They're both red"

It now looks like a muppet came to an unfortunate end involving fire and a high powered blender.

Husband did a spot of washing today He combined my hand wash
Lauren McKenzie
Jacqui Edwards
Michelle Mosenki
We're wearing glamorous garbage bags at Blondie. So many badly behaved baby boomers!! It's epic.. Drunk and stoned. I'm loving it. Also, Debbie Harry is 72 and just killing it, I'm eagerly awaiting Cyndi's arrival..
Were wearing glamorous garbage bags at Blondie So many badly behaved baby
Debra Sheen Maffescioni
Cheryl-lee Morgan
Ellie Price