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In times of upheaval and crisis they say to look to the helpers, look to the people doing good, if these images don't make you feel brave, nothing will. Together, we're so powerful. #womensmarch #firedup
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See what they did there?! Harley and I have an offical Facebook page now it's Em Rusciano with Harley Breen go chuck us a like if you wanna. If you're not in Sydney and want to listen live, get the radio app from iTunes/Google play. 3 days to go!
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First official day of duties as your newest breakfast radio host Sydney.. Photos were taken, interviews done, I'm bloody PUMPED in my pants for Monday morning! The rest of you can stream us through the radio app AND there will be a daily podcast so don't even worry. I asked 2dayfm for glitter cannons for our first show but they felt it wouldn't translate well on radio.. BOOOOOO!
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Hey! My new radio show has a FB page now.. If you'd like to like us.. I won't stop you.
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Em Rusciano at Adelaide Fringe

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Husband says he's shaving off the beard tonight. I am DEAD against it, the beard is magical, it does things to me, it makes me want to cook, wear nice undies and keep my pubic hair reasonably tidy.. #savethebeard
I've made you another song! This one will require aggressive pelvic thrusting to the beat, all the glitter and possibly a podium if you can find one. It's for anyone feeling as though they need a change and also for my friends waiting for marriage equality. It's called Brand New Day, I co-wrote it with the MSquared boys who produced my last single as well, I hope you all dig it. Em x
I've been nominated as one of Booktopia's fave Australian authors! If you've read my book and liked it, feel free to chuck a vote my way. [ Booktopia.com.au Link ]

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I turned around yesterday, looked at my kid and realised my first born, the baby I had when I was just a baby, is a young woman. Fully fledged. How and when did that happen? And she's not a dickhead. She's brilliant. Obviously that last statement is a fluid one, she's 15, it changes daily. We're on holidays, everyone's in a good mood. (I did obtained the necessary written permission, in my...
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Scotty: "You're not going to post this are you?"
Em: "No!"
Odie: (Zoom in) "WTF?"
My best mate Lara who lives in Perth just sent this snapchat to me. This is exhibit A of WHY she is one of my best mates...
I'm on holidays at the moment, I've not forgotten about you all, just having a little rest because I broke myself. Normal programming will resume shortly. Hope you're all well. X
It's been a big year! I made a video and narrated it, you can turn the sound on if you fancy (it's not very good but I tried!) Thanks to all of you for being a part of the hugest 12 months of my very existence. Bring on 2017! Your pal, Em. X
My darlings, many of you are posting pictures of yourselves receiving my book for Christmas from your loved ones, it's bloody making my day. Keep them coming and let me know how you go. Xx