A rare collection of vintage postcards of windmills, canals and cities of the Netherlands depicts typical Dutch lifestyle in the late 1890s. These postcards were created using the Photochrom process, a technique for applying lifelike color to black-and-white images. Which is your favourite postcard?

Dazzling color postcards of the cities and countryside of the 1890s Netherlands

Join millions of people around the world and turn off your lights at 8:30pm for an hour wherever you are. Building a sustainable tomorrow depends today on all of us! It's time to #ChangeClimateChange #EarthHour #EarthHour2017
Today marks the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome which laid the foundation for the establishment of European Union - EU. The Netherlands was one of six countries to sign the founding treaty and continues to play its role for a stronger EU. #EU60

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Thousands throng Visit Keukenhof as more than 7 million blooming tulips, daffodils and hyacinths put on display at the world’s most beautiful spring garden. Some tulips and Pakistani flowers for you from a spring garden in Islamabad! #Keukenhof2017 #TulipsInHolland #Spring2017
Best wishes on Pakistan Day!
Are you a waster? Yes, we all are when it comes to wastewater. 80% of water just flows back to the nature untreated, polluting the environment and wasting a precious resource. Let’s reduce the quantity and pollution of wastewater, and safely reuse it as much as we can. Reduce and reuse wastewater! #WorldWaterDay
A Dutch expert is working on a radical and novel airport concept - the Endless Runway - at the Netherlands Airspace Centre to test circular runways. If successful, it can be a breakthrough in sustainable airport capacity to handle the ever-increasing air traffic. Not only circular runways envisage smoother takeoff and landing but they can also reduce environmental and noise pollution around...
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Deputy Head of Mission Renate Pors attends a session of Insan Foundation Trust's women groups in Faisalabad. These groups work closely with the public institutions to advocate for changes to improve service delivery. The Netherlands supports women-led initiatives in Pakistan to improve local governance.
Meet Dutch photojournalist Jeroen Swolfs picturing street cricket life in Islamabad during his visit to the 195th capital city of the world in the past 7 years. As part of the Streets of the World, he is collecting stories about people to tell how alike humans are everywhere in the world. Jeroen found people in Islamabad very friendly, hospitable and kind.
Thinking of Holland ... images of flowers, windmills, wooden shoes and soccer will pop up. Check out these beautiful pictures of magical places in the Netherlands!

21 Magical Places You Won't Believe Are In The Netherlands

Leaders of the 13 parties elected to the 150-seat Dutch parliament are in talks for forming a new government. Voter turnout remained 82% which is the highest since 1986. Here are the latest provisional election results.
Voter turnout in the Dutch general election is expected to go above 80%. As the results keeping coming in, you can find out more about the Dutch election results in the given link.


The Dutch go to the ballots today to elect 150 new members of the lower house of the parliament. The Netherlands strongly believes in democracy as the voter turnout remained 74.6% during the 2012 general election. How much voter turnout do you expect this time?

Election 2017: online aids to help you decide who to vote for - DutchNews.nl

The Netherlands has an ever-expanding range of political parties in the parliament. Of the 28 parties contesting this time, here are 11 parties that won seats during the last election. Do you know their campaign slogans?

The election looms, so here are the main Dutch political parties - DutchNews.nl

The Dutch head to the polls this Wednesday in an election being widely watched across the world. Watch this video that explains the multi-party system of the Netherlands in tulips!
As the Netherlands goes to the polls, here is everything you need to know about the Dutch elections and what they could mean for the rest of Europe. Are you following this?

Dutch elections: What you need to know

Twenty-eight political parties are contesting in the upcoming general elections. It is rare for one party to get simple majority in the parliament. What do you know about Dutch political parties?
The Dutch are all set to vote for electing a new lower house of the parliament next week. Do you know about the Dutch political and electoral systems? Here are some key facts for you.

Who can vote and for whom? How the Dutch electoral system works - DutchNews.nl

Ambassador Jeannette Seppen and First Secretary Political Affairs Martijn went to Lahore on a three-day visit. Watch this Vlog to know about their activities in the heart of Pakistan.
Mahrukh Jabeen is the only female journalist giving voice to the women in FATA. Associated with the Tribal News Network (TNN), a news organization supported by Amsterdam-based Free Press Unlimited, she is optimistic about moving freely without fear one day, and report on every issue. Here is her inspiring story for you. #InternationalWomensDay

FATA’s lone woman journalist breaks barriers to highlight women issues