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This beautiful piece of whitework is a sampler of sorts. It was designed and embroidered by Apprentice Emi Nimura at the Royal School of Needlework

This piece is a showcase of variety of different types of whitework - from surface embroidery to pulled thread and drawn thread.

You can see more whitework examples from the Royal School of Needlework at [ Royal-needlework.org.uk Link ]
This is the detail on the bottom border of a Summer dress dating to ca.1814. It's a very fine (almost gauze) cotton that is completely embroidered in white cotton thread.

All those "dots" on the dress are actually embroidered and feature two patterns. The wide border features pulled thread, cutwork and satin stitches. Just exquisite, don't you think?

Check the Comments section to see what...
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This design is the work of textile and embroidery artist Janet M. McDonald. This design features over 19 traditional Mountmellick embroidery stitches.

This pattern is titled "Home to Roost" and can be found on Janet's website at [ Jmddesigns.co.nz Link ]

The history of Mountmellick is quite interesting - it was developed around 1825 by Johanna Carter, who taught it to a group in the town of...
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We need your help. We'd like to showcase one practicing needle artist a day. Our page has been lucky enough to attract a following of nearly 79,000 people and we'd like to do some good with all these page likes.

So, please let us know about someone or some group that you feel the world should know about. Please include a Facebook page or web address.

To start you off - please check out...
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Sharing this post from our national Guild's page on Lefkara lace - a form of whitework and cutwork embroidery.
This is part of a vintage tablecloth featuring cutwork and whitework embroidery. The tablecloth has a large monogram and it's interesting to think of all the family dinners that were had on this treasure.

Check the Comments section to see what most of the tablecloth looks like.

Image courtesy of [ Emsheart.com Link ]
Isn't this bedspread and matching pillows exquisite? This is traditional Indian whitework embroidery employed in a modern way.

Image courtesy of [ Wordpress.com Link ]
The photo shows a detail of a quilt by textile and quilt artist Cindy Needham re-purposes vintage linens into quilts and wall hangings. Cindy has been quilting and working with textiles since she was 13 years old.

Check the Comments section to see one of Cindy's quilts.

Check out more of Cindy's work on her website at [ Cindyneedham.com Link ]
This lovely hanky features a Mechlin bobbin lace edging along with some lovely whitework embroidery and pulled thread work. Sometimes the most exquisite things come in a small package.

Image courtesy of [ Marianiforos.com Link ]
This vintage whitework embroidery features a very proud peacock. The piece is worked in white silk onto cotton.

Image courtesy of [ Blogspot.ca Link ]
Whitework embroidery artist Jeanny Cobben created this lovely Schwalm embroidery. Jeanny writes that "the pattern comes from Anna magazine from August of 1995" and had long been on her list to do.

Image courtesy of [ Blogspot.ca Link ]
This blouse dates to 1966 and was part of the Summer collection from Balenciaga. The blouse was assembled from individually satin stitched motifs joined together with needlelace.

Now in the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum at [ Vandaimages.com Link ]
This shawl end is done in the Chikan embroidery style. Chikan is characterised by delicate embroidery with some pulled thread components. It's traditionally worked on gauze like muslin, silk, or organza.

Chikan embroidery originated in Lucknow, India and is still practiced - though, more recently, coloured threads are used.

This shawl was for sale on Etsy by a shop that is now closed.
This whitework embroidery and needle lace combination is known as Tavernelle Val di Pesa. It's from the town of the same name and is located in Siena, Italy.

Image courtesy of [ Pinterest.se Link ]
This baby bonnet features some very fine work on some very fine cotton. The real treasure is the piece of Hollie Point needle lace at the crown of the bonnet.

Hollie Point is an English needle lace noted for its use in baby clothes in the 18th and 19th century. The lace is worked with a needle and consists of rows of knotted buttonhole stitches worked over stretched threads. Designs are...
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This beautiful piece of whitework is Guimarães embroidery from Portugal. It's a table runner and is a project in the book "Portuguese Whitework" by embroidery artist and author Yvette Stanton. This style of embroidery features drawn thread work, lots of bullions, and eyelets.

Image courtesy of Yvette's website at [ Vettycreations.com.au Link ]
This elegant bobbin lace necklace is worked in gold metallic threads. It's the work of lace artist Vlasta Wasserbauerova.

Vlasta sells her work at [ E-boutique.cz Link ]
Isn't this bobbin lace wall hanging dramatic? It's titled "King Henry II" and is by lace artist Milca Eremiasova.

Image courtesy of [ Gallery.cz Link ]
These bobbin lace booties would look fabulous in holiday photos. Made from cotton thread - these little booties are washable!

Image courtesy of the Storelvi Etsy shop at [ Etsy.com Link ]
Isn't this bobbin lace dress amazing? The dress was part of an exhibition at the Museum of Lace in Vamberk, Czech Republic.

Sadly, there's no information on who created this dress. So, if you know who the artist is, please let us know.

Image courtesy of [ Vamberk.cz Link ]