With the recent arrival of Spring on the west coast of Canada, we thought we'd feature embroidery with a Spring theme.

This lovely piece of bobbin lace - featuring daffodils - is the creation of bobbin lace artist Tina Zvab.

You can see more of Tina's work on her Facebook page at [ Facebook.com Link ]
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It's not something that we encounter very often these days - needlepointed shoes!

These shoes were made as a teaching project from Stubbs & Wootton. Reed Stewart designed these lovely shoes sporting parrots.

Image courtesy of [ Fourarts.org Link ]
This exquisite little bird is a detail from a woman's waistcoat that dates to around 1620-1625. The extremely fine speckling stitches create the shaded effect of a woodblock print - which likely inspired the design.

Check the Comments section to see what the full waistcoat looks like and also what the back of the garment looks like.

Image courtesy of the Victoria and Albert Museum at [...
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This needle felted swan pillow is just stunning, don't you think?

Image courtesy of the artist's blog at [ Blogspot.ca Link ]
This stunning hummingbird is worked in the Japanese embroidery style. Exquisite, don't you think?

Image courtesy of the Facebook page Japanese embroidery
This beautiful bead embroidered "Titmouse" is the work of bead embroidery artist Julia Slepchenko.

You can see more her work at [ Livemaster.ru Link ]
These wonderful crocheted swans are incredible, don't you think? They're the work of the SuAmi Studio - a family run venture in Vietnam.

They are truly little works of art.

See more of SuAmi's work in their Etsy shop at [ Etsy.com Link ]
We feel very lucky to have over 81,000 page friends. You come from 93 countries and you choose to come here to look at the beauty of all kinds of needlework.

One of things that we'd like to do with all this attention is to focus on initiatives that promote embroidery and needlework in general.

Please check out this women's cooperative in Timor-Leste that makes beautiful handmade...
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This wondrously large silk satin hat features some gorgeous silk ribbon work.

It must have been a treasured piece to survive for more than 250 years.

Check out what else the museum has in it's collection at [ Colonialwilliamsburg.com Link ]
This woman’s embroidered cap has a puffed crown and a ruffled edge. There is some lovely whitework embroidery.

The cap also features lace insertions in blossoms and eyelets; seven diamond-shaped puffed net inserts around crown; band of eyelets with leaf motifs within overall pattern of V-shaped motifs; and a lace ruffle edging.

Image courtesy of The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
This vibrant embroidered man's nightcap dates to ca.1600. The cap is embroidered in silk and silver-gilt threads and trimmed with silver-gilt bobbin lace.

The pattern of flowers within coiling stems was very popular in England from the 1590s to the 1620s and was used for waistcoats and coifs.

The flowers were copied from botanical prints and were often used to symbolise different...
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Julia Gorina creates some of the most beautiful bird brooches. She combines vintage fabrics, laces, beads and embroidery to create some truly whimsical and beautiful pieces.

Do check out Julia's website at [ Fly-fenix.ru Link ]

Do check out Julia Gorina on Facebook.
We're starting a new series looking at birds expressed in needlework.

Karen Suzuki creates some really whimsical textile birds, animals and dolls. She combines textiles with embroidery and found objects.

You can more of her work on her website at [ Jimdo.com Link ]
Carolyn of the Adventures in Creativity blog created this beautiful piece while taking an RSN Silk Shading course. She based the design on one of her paintings of a Summer rose.

Image courtesy of [ Blogspot.ca Link ]
This green woodpecker is the work of embroidery artist Marg Dier. You can more of Marg's work on her website at [ Blogspot.ca Link ]

Marg has a Facebook page at Marg Dier Embroidery
This gorgeous Phoenix is worked in the silk shading technique (thread painting). His name is Trevor and he was designed and embroidered by Jen Goodwin of Jen Goodwin Embroidery.

This was also offered as a course: 'Beginners Silk Shading' at the Royal School of Needlework at [ Royal-needlework.org.uk Link ]
This beautiful thread painted pink hibiscus just shimmers - don't you think? This piece is the work embroidery artist Christiane Plamondon Hallé.

You can see this flower at

Thank you to Huguette Gagnon for letting us know who the artist is so that we can give credit where it's due.
This is "In The Pink" by textile and embroidery artist Alison Holt.

Alison also has a Facebook page at Alison Holt

Definitely take some time to check out her website - you will be pleasantly amazed- at [ Alisonholt.com Link ]
This silk threadpainted panel was embroidered from a kit purchased from the William Morris company in the early 1900s. The panel was embroidered by Helen, Lady Lucas Tooth. The original design is attributed to John Henry Dearle.