Emelie Forsberg
yesterday at 17:15. Facebook
Quel honneur de partager cela avec Caroline Chaverot ! And other super strong women too! :)
What an honor! L'EQUIPE france.
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Ultra-trail - Les 12 meilleur(e)s ultra-traileurs au monde

Emelie Forsberg
01/17/2017 at 18:27. Facebook
The one who waits for something good can't wait to long.. finally the sun came back and with powder too ! Another great day with Sweden Ski mountaineering Team Photo with my Olympus TG
Emelie Forsberg
01/16/2017 at 18:20. Facebook
Those dreams far away.. and every little step that takes you there.
10 months ago it was hard to imagine running or skiing up a mountain. But step by step ❤
Kilian Jornet
Emelie Forsberg
01/15/2017 at 13:28. Facebook
What weekends are made for right? Black bean chocolate cake with vanilla nice cream ☃
2,5 dl black beans
2 eggs ( its fine without, just add more chia seeds)
40 gram dark chocolate
30 gram butter or coconut oil (melt with the chocolate)
2 tbls whole wheat flour
2 tbls chia seeds
3tbls cacao.
Mix all, put in owen for 10-15 min at 200 degrees.

Nice cream;
Frozen sliced bananas mixed with a...
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Emelie Forsberg
01/14/2017 at 17:21. Facebook
Where will this weekend take you?
Freedom on a pair of sticks! #timetoplay
Emelie Forsberg
01/13/2017 at 07:38. Facebook
Helg tips!
"De här idrottarna skiljer sig normalt sett inte någonting från andra idrottare när det gäller kroppssammansättning eller kroppsvikt trots deras lägre energiintag. De lever helt enkelt i en metabolt och hormonellt ofördelaktig miljö mer eller mindre i onödan."

Väldigt intressant avsnitt om kvinnor och elitidrott. Så bra med mer forskning inom detta.

( I wish I had found this...
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Tyngre Träningssnack - Avsnitt 57: Anna Melin

Emelie Forsberg
01/12/2017 at 17:22. Facebook
You know this feeling? Waking up early, putting on your headlamp and start going to awesome places. I love it so much! It does´t need to be a big adventure, but just the feeling of being awake starting early is good enough, maybe to go for a magic sunrise?
I´m super happy to be supported and a SILVA ambassador. Cheers to many hours in the dark!
And the summer calendar! Until middle of march it will not be to much running, as always though. :) And some races I might add it´s to be decided.
Woho! Even though I love winter it´s always so fun to think summer!
Salomon Running
Winter schedule! Can´t wait! Races, projects and many hours in the mountains on the skis! Svenska Klätterförbundet
"Heaven is under our feet as well as above our heads"
Could´t agree more. Paradise is right here and right now.
Photo by Kilian Jornet
Racing for me is almost always the best training. Today the Catalunyan Championship as warming up for the World Cup! Great race with Clàudia Galicia Cotrina! After a good downhill I won! Thanks Biel Ràfols for this clip!
Skis: Salomon Boots: Dynafit Energi: Clif Bar Backpack: Crazy Idea Glasses: Bliz - Protective Sports Gear Skins: Pomoca Climbing Skins Watch: Suunto and all the move is on my...
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Happy weekend, happy running! I love spending time in the Pyrenees. The mountains are a little like Swedish mountains, just higher so I feel like home!
Good morning, Bon dia! Enjoy your day Olympus TG
I need to admit it's fun to follow the training like this! I'm a proud ambassador of Sports Tracker where you can follow my training to become the best mountain runner and ski mountaineer version of me!
Cheers to days like this! New year, new week. Fill it with happiness ❤Here's from our december training mountain, Nonstind- good conditions almost every day we where there.
As another great year comes to an end, here´s a recap of the Salomon team´s 2016. Here's to a superb 2017 #TimeToPlay
This year has come to an end. So many memories, good and worse. Thank you all for your support during the whole year. During on of the hardest times and on my way back. You are the best!

Thanks to my sponsors! You rock!
Salomon Suunto SEAT Sverige Bliz - Protective Sports Gear Clif Bar
I was thinking to make a collage of the year, but what I came across is my garden, forest and veggie patch work. In the darkest moments after the ski accident, to dream and plan for that kept my smile on my face. During rehab I worked many hours outside, keeping my love for the nature happy. Instead of sitting hours on a indoor bike I kept working outdoors. The farming work gave me so much....
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It was 10 degrees (!) today! In August this year it was 8 degrees. The climate is so strange these days. We can still ski but not from sea level and some mountains are ok for running. I do enjoy the 2 seasons even if I wish it was 20 degrees colder and a lot more snow..☃
Following Kilian on a 2800 m training, and pushing hard in the last downhill - that's high five and bravo to me ! Happy heart and tired legs is nice feelings !