Emelie Forsberg
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It is Vertical Week!
Which country climbs the most in a week? Put on your running shoes, hop on your bike or release your heels and start skinning up the hill.

All the infos here:

Suunto #VerticalWeek
Emelie Forsberg
02/25/2017 at 08:16. Facebook
Rest day with #swedenskimogirls ! So proud to be part of this team. And so happy to see the sport and interest grow in the north. This sport is amazing, wild sport arena with mountains, offpist, it's the real deal! Nothing more than human powered ❤
Emelie Forsberg
02/24/2017 at 16:46. Facebook
4 th position in today's individual race! I can't be less than happy. I'm thrilled to be back, good feelings in 1,5 h then I' m getting tired. Think it's my endurance I lost a little on my 4 months of break during the ACL rehab. But yes! The world championships is on! ISMF World Cup Ski Mountaineering Pomoca Climbing Skins Svenska Klätterförbundet Bliz - Protective Sports Gear Suunto Salomon...
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Emelie Forsberg
02/23/2017 at 15:57. Facebook
Vill du vinna två startplatser till Stryn Rando 3000 18 mars? Kom och var med på denna vackra tävling! För att vara med i utlottningen, dela denna video, och berätta varför du vill vara med, samt vem du vill ta med! ( Obs måste ha öppen profil för att vi ska kunna se att du delat!)

Stryn Rando 3000 NM 2017

Stryn Rando 3000, vinterens råeste skieventyr! Konkurranse klasse og trim klasse. Bli med! www.strynrando3000.no www.facebook.com/strynrando3000

Emelie Forsberg
02/22/2017 at 17:00. Facebook
Up or down, what about you?
Join the #verticalweek it starts next monday!
Emelie Forsberg
02/21/2017 at 16:47. Facebook
All the afternoon trainings during the winter time I train with headlamp, SILVA sometimes the motivation is low during the dark months but the moon and the stars always makes it easier ⭐ And the dark months are the cozy ones and to train alone in the dark with only the lamp as light is peaceful ❤

Do you like training in the dark?

Kilian Jornet
Sunday Runday! Here's from the flattest dirt road from our home, perfect to shake the legs after races or vertical trainings..
2 races this weekend in the skimo Norwegian cup, and 2 wins
Picture with my Olympus TG
Kom och var med på fjällfestivaler och fina tävlingar! Stryn Rando 3000 18 mars. Dynafit Romsdal Rando 25 mars och FJÄLLFEST 6-8 april! Jag kommer vara där, hoppas vi ses!

Emelie Forsberg » Fjällfestivaler och skimo tävlingar i Sverige och Norge

You know what? I´m so proud to be a part of this team of skimo girls. In Sweden the sport is growing and it´s so awesome that we are so many women in the sport! You can follow us on this page, and you get to meet all the 5 of us! Both in skimo and trail we are so many women with such a good ambience and that is so cool.

Jobbet är gjort. – Outside Sweden

Morning routine; yoga. Can be as short as 10 minutes up to 40 minutes. I prioritate to wake up a little earlier just to take some breaths in the mat. To wake up feeling all my muscles, how the breath is, the heartbeat. To take in what the day is gonna show and to embrace it fully.

What is your morning routine?

Enjoy your friday ❤
Picture with my Olympus TG
The lungs was burning and the legs even more, but when Ida Nilsson and I finally was leaning on the poles on the last repetion it was over! LAST interval on ski for this season!
Now just racing and then end of march starting with running intervals.
What a feeling ! Pomoca Climbing Skins
Summer days.. soon they are here again! But until then; enjoy the winter !
Salomon Running
Picture: Kilian Jornet
It´s great sharing the outdoor with the one you love! Here are our thoughts about it!

How to enjoy the outdoors with your partner: a chat with Emelie and Kilian

Finished with my sprint training, but had 1000 meters more to go- Life saver CLIF Bar ! Lactid acid and burning lungs then the easy meters in sunshine. Great training!
Freedom in a pair of shoes ❤ Running in winter is hard for the ski legs, but yet so wonderful!
X country again as the second training of today. Love it! So happy to take time for it again
What do you like most; x country, skimo or running? Salomon Nordic
Woho such a cool opportunity!
Join the suunto team, see how they work, run a trail race and spend time in a cozy hut with sauna!
To join, see the link! Great tips to do this application during the weekend!

Suunto Summit 2017

Oh my how beautiful landscapes. Yet another inspiring Salomon tv episodes!
Happiness. To be back, to be healthy, to be able to go outside, to the forest and the mountains everyday. All my years as a runner the priority nr 1 has been to never push myself to hard, just because I was afraid of injuries. For me taking care of my love for beeing outside, everyday, to be healthy and strong are what drives me forward. Not a single day for granted. Just pure happiness to do...
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Avoiding colds!

I´m looking back in my training diary and see that the last time I had a cold was 3 years ago(!) 2 years ago I had 1 day when I felt like a cold could enter but I manage to stop it.
2 years ago was also when I stopped eating meat. I´m not sure if it correlates at all. I still ate fish, but mainly just vegetarian with a lot of veggies and lentils and beans. This September I...
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