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03/26/2017 at 14:29. Facebook
Yesterdays skimo move in isfjorden, Norway. I use HR data, ascent/descent and time when I'm on the skimo mood on the watch. #SuuntoSpartan Suunto
Emelie Forsberg
03/25/2017 at 17:07. Facebook
Well needed rest. A 2 week flu, and many races before that to empty the energy. Happy weekend to you all ❤ I will use mine to rest!
Emelie Forsberg
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Emelie Forsberg
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Some afternoon trainings just need to be done..! Sometimes this is the only way to get me going..Coffee and a clif ❤CLIF Bar
Because sharing makes everything better!

It´s really amazing to meet so many people who share the love for the same sport as I we do. Who goes out to cheer on us. That´s incredible.
The sun starts to warm and the snow starts to melt so the legs wants to start to run! Today I did 14 slow and long km, longest I ran since October. The transformation from beeing a skier to a runner has begun!
Race tip nr 2; Ultra Pirineu ! All the distances you need; 110 km, 45 km and a vk. In the heart of Pyrenees the 110 km loop is the loop Kilian ran as a kid. In between huts, in mountains and ridges, this race is special ❤
Spectacular race Stryn Rando 3000 ! Fjords and mountains and powder! Ida Nilsson and me shared the whole race - super fun! We both got a crown Salomon
From our home there's a 7 km and 400 hm loop that starts with a short dirtroad, then a tiny trail with a lot of blueberry bushes, then it becomes steep with some rocky terrain and then it ends upp here ❤ Perfect afternoon run ❤

Photo; Kilian Jornet
Hey youngsters!
Calling all 16-20 year olds. Are you the next #SalomonYoungGun? Registration for #SalomonRunningAcademy 3.0 is open. We'll be sending sixteen of the best young trail runners on the planet to the Neustift im Stubaital-District of Innsbruck in the Austrian Alps for 5 days of running and workshops with the legends.
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The everyday joy. The small things that makes you appreciate life. It's all around us, we just need to open our eyes and look around ❤Beeing home, walking around the house, feeling the sun warm in my face. This is exactly where I want to be.
Olympus TG
This is ski mountaineering. What we do and what we love. Thank you Pierra Menta ! Thank you all for cheering! And thank you Laetitia Roux for this race!
4 incredible days in Pierra Menta! It's not only a race, it's so much more. Passion, adventure, friendship, hard moments, amazing moments. To win this mythical race is fantastic ❤
To the organisation and La Grande Course Thank you so much for an amazing race.
Thank you all of you who cheer us on.
And thank you all media and photographers!
And to Laetitia Roux, it was superb these days with you...
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7300 meters over 3 days, last day tomorrow! The legs starts to feel a little tired.. Today another superb day with my team mate Laetitia Roux. It's so cool to share these days, the ambience, the team spirit, the beauty of the mountains around us and the finish line feelings ❤ Still in the lead but it's another day tomorrow!
Photo; Sportdimontagna Grazie Maurizio !
Another day at Pierra Menta ! Good feelings today. Steady pace, and so much pleasure, even though I suffer too Merci Laetitia Roux por tout! Patience, happiness and cheering We won today and are now leading with 7 minutes to the second team! Superb photo by Martina Valmassoi ⭐
Wow what a first day at Pierra Menta! The top 3 women team finished within 1,5 minute! Girl power for the international women's day ;)
For me it was a hard day, the downhills was very hard, maybe it´s because it´s the first day I ski in this powder after my accident, as the crash happened in a lot powder?
I don´t know but the feeling is not the best, even though I look forward for the upcoming...
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Racing tips! I´m one lucky girl to have been able to race many beautiful races, and I will post every now and then about them!
First out:
Dolomites Skyrace!
22 July. 22 km, 1750 meters Up and down Piz Boè 3152 m.
True Skyrace! Fun downhill, steep uphills and some beautiful parts on fast trail. Great ambience and many people to share the race with.
Photo from my first year at the race!, 2012!...
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Do you keep track of your work outs? The more I train, there more interesting it is to keep track of and to learn about what works, and what does not work.
I record sessions with Suunto and I store them here at Sports Tracker !
Here is my silver medal move from the world champs, and you can see most of my trainings before it!

Emelie Forsberg went ski touring for 00:30:23

You know what upset me? This. It's 2017, and still in some big races it's more prize money for men. I would like to hear from Mountain Attack , TCS Lidingöloppet and Transcavallo Alpago why you think top women deserves less prize money? Do you think we don't put the same hours of effort? I can for sure agree that if the density of men is higher, give price money to top 10 and top 3-5 in women...
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Leaving the world champs with 2 silver and 1 bronz medal! But with so much more than that, our team spirit, the meetings with other teams, the great battle, goals for the future and the great ambience is what I take with me ❤ Thank you all for believing and cheering me on ❤