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You have goals to achieve, resolutions to tackle, and a life to lead. Emergen-C Immune+ helps support your immune system* so that you can focus on making 2017 your best year yet.

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New Year, improved routine. Feel the good when you start each day with Emergen-C for a burst of citrus-y goodness.

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As you ring in the New Year, make your resolutions and feel the good with Emergen-C Immune+. The enhanced immune support formula has 2x more vitamin D than the leading immune support supplement.*

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With the help of Lori Loughlin, our friends at charity: water, and fans like you we've been able to raise thousands of dollars to help transform lives in communities across Ethiopia. We can’t wait to continue our shared mission to bring access to clean and safe drinking water to more communities in 2017 and beyond.

To learn more about our partnership with charity: water, visit...
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Emergen-C Immune+ contains vitamins D, C and zinc to support your immune system so that you can focus on the important things - like wrapping (and unwrapping) gifts.*

Happy and Healthy Holidays! #emergenc #immunesupport #healthyholidays

Emerge and see a better you | Emergen-C

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Around the holidays, we all want to feel our best so we can spend more time with friends and family. Start your morning with Emergen-C to help keep your days merry and bright.

Happy Holidays!
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Bad-tasting supplements are so last season. Take the delicious enhanced immune support formula of Immune+ Chewables with you on-the-go this holiday season.*

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A perfectly creamy, rich hot cocoa that offers soothing sips of vitamins and antioxidants† thanks to Emergen-C. Serve with a warm blanket, next to a cozy fire. Get the Cran-Pom Holiday Cocoa recipe here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Emergen-C Immune+ contains ingredients that support your immune system so that you can focus on the important things, like gift-wrapping.*

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What's your favorite way to drink Emergen-C? Share your Emergen-C recipe below for a chance to win a prize pack!

3 winners will be selected. See official rules: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Great days don't happen by chance. Start each morning with your favorite Emergen-C flavor for more vitamin C than 10 Oranges^.

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This year, we've teamed up with Lori Loughlin and charity: water to transform lives through the gift of clean water. Visit emergenctransforms.com to learn more.
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Does your morning routine unleash your inner awesome? Emergen-C is packed with B vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants† to help you do just that!

Emergen-C is available at Target. Save up to $2 in store when you download your coupon at emergenc.com/get-coupon
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Does the holiday season bring you lots of stress and too little rest? If your sleep routine has gone off-track, try Emergen-Zzzz! It has melatonin to help you fall asleep naturally.‡*

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Winter is coming! As the days get colder, help support your immune system with Emergen-C Immune+ and feel the good this holiday season.*

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More than 663 million people lack access to clean water. This #GivingTuesday join Emergen-C and @LoriLoughlin in giving to @charity: water’s mission to solve the global water crisis. Watch “The Spring” to learn more: [ Charitywater.org Link ]
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Balance mind, body and spirit. It's easy when you make Emergen-C part of your daily routine.

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As temperatures drop, weatherproof your fall routine with the help of Emergen-C Immune+'s enhanced immune support formula.*

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Emerge Fortified this holiday season thanks to the enhanced immune support formula in Emergen-C Immune+.* Download your $2 coupon at [ Emergenc.com Link ], then head to your local Walmart or Walgreens to pick up a box today.

Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!
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Take advantage of the crisp autumn air and celebrate Take a Hike Day! Don't forget to bring along your favorite Emergen-C so you can enjoy fizzy goodness wherever the trail takes you.

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