I found my old Facebook account and it is full of cringeeeee
Hey look! I uploaded on my MAIN CHANNEL for a change! Link in the comments below!
There is a super new important video on my new talk channel... go and check it out! Can't leave a link because FB will censor the post, but check out my last post, it's that channel!
Hey! So here is the full version of the new video on my NEW CHANNEL! I know I've had many channels. I know I've abandoned many channels. I just didn't have anywhere to chat calmly without feeling pressure to be funny or do really heavily-edited stuff. If you enjoy this kinda laid back stuff, click here to go to the video on YouTube: [ Youtube.com Link ] and subscribe!
New Q&A video on my channel now! For now, here's a sneak peek...
which team are you on?!
NEW VIDEO! My friend Nanalew and I got pretty stuck for ideas... until we found out about the Hotel Room Challenge! (link below)
Posted a new gaming video yesterday! And starting a new series soon... super excited for it!!! [ Youtube.com Link ]


wrote a song last night about someone that was taken from us too soon. i hope you like it [ Youtube.com Link ]

Going Home (original song)

Tickets for my tour are on sale NOW! Venues have been upgraded due to demand! Thank you!! [ Myticket.co.uk Link ]
Tickets for my tour go on sale tomorrow at 5pm!! It was 10am but we moved it so those at school can get them when they come out :) here is some more info! Facebook reduces how many people can see my posts if I put a link in, so use the links on the poster!