Empires & Allies
02/23/2017 at 23:26. Facebook
It's Operation Hammerfall time again, Commanders! Do your best to move forward on the missions and collect the exclusive Gunship boost. Special thanks to Charles Terrence Chung for giving the caption on the photo from the previous event contest.

Join the fight against the GRA!
Empires & Allies
02/23/2017 at 15:03. Facebook
Attention Commanders! We receive a special mission: The Omega Onslaught. Deploy your Omega Unit in quick matches and conquer the battlefield to earn exclusive rewards. It's time to #Playempiresandallies and release the wrath of Colossus now! Read the entire FAQ here: ([ Zynga.my Link ]
Empires & Allies
02/23/2017 at 12:02. Facebook
#Playempiresandallies now and prepare for the upcoming war, Commanders! The Omega Onslaught is coming soon.
Empires & Allies
02/22/2017 at 21:06. Facebook
Few hours left before Operation Killswitch ends, Commanders! Complete the missions to get the exclusive component and build the Ion Cannon. #Playempiresandallies now and show your dominance against the GRA!
Empires & Allies
02/22/2017 at 16:27. Facebook
How's your progress on Stars of War, Commanders? #Playempiresandallies now and collect stars to win great rewards. Time to unleash the wrath of your army!
Empires & Allies
02/20/2017 at 01:00. Facebook
League Season is ending soon, Commanders! Fight to "Medal Up" and reach the top of the Leaderboard to win Exclusive prizes! #PlayEmpiresAndAllies
Plenty of time left to finish the Operation Hammerfall missions, Commanders! Win attacks and collect stars to earn the exclusive Gunship boosts!

Special thanks to Caleb Goodyear for making the caption on this photo from the previous caption contest.

#Playempiresandallies now and unleash the wrath of your troops!
Commanders! Here are the most like flags from Design-A-Flag Contest. Congratulations to the winners and we'll be reaching out to you shortly for the rewards. A big Thank you for all your participation and enthusiasm. Watch this space for a brand new design a flag contest. We will be back soon!
Commanders! We are taking the fight to the GRA and you have to do your part. #PlayEmpiresAndAllies now and let's win this Stars of War!
This is your last day to vote for the most popular flags! To the owners of the entries, do your best to gather more likes to make sure you get the rewards. Vote for your favorites, now!
Two additional levels was released for Hunter MK.I! #Playempiresandallies now and get the upgrade on your Research Center to better protect your army from enemy projectiles!
Cybernetic Surge is on, Commanders! Upgrade your HQ to level 8 and above, and grab the opportunity to get more Cybernetic Cores from winning quick match battles. Hurry up and battle with Colossus, now!
Attention, Commanders! This #Valentinesday, report for duty and earn awesome rewards. Make War, not Love. Login now!
Another League Season is now ongoing! Time to Medal-up and reach the top of the Leaderboard to win the exclusive flag! #Playempiresandallies
Vote for your favorite flags from the chosen ones here. Three flags out of these with highest likes and shares stand a chance to win rewards. The contest is not over yet. It's time for your opinion. 'Like' and 'Share' your favorites now. Please note that this will be open for the next three days!
Design A Flag Winners are announced. Congratulations winners. Watch this space for more updates. Contest not over yet!
Commanders, Leagues Season is ending soon! Come on and fight to Medal-up to win exclusive prizes now. #Playempiresandallies
Headquarters Hunter is about to end, Commanders! #Playempiresandallies and finish your mission now by destroying the HQ of your enemies to get special rewards.
What are you waiting for, Commanders? Your troops train faster by 30% for a limited time with the Rapid Forces event. #PlayEmpiresAndAllies and get into the fight now!
It's time for Alphas to do the work! Craft the Alpha Offensive Boosts in your War Factory to get extra rewards. #Playempiresandallies now and conquer the battlefield!