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Do you have what it takes to make your base the coolest? Launching a forum exclusive contest today! Visit [ Zynga.my Link ] for rules and submissions. Good Luck! Commanders.
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Commanders! The two forms for the winners of St. Patrick's day and Ides of March contests have been officially closed. Thanks for your participation and rewards will be deployed soon.

Join our Forum Community ([ Zynga.my Link ] and stay tuned for upcoming contests!

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Empires & Allies
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Commanders! We are "Forums Only Contest" starting next week. Create your Forum Profiles now to participate in them. Awesome rewards and Free Gold coming your way. Visit this link ([ Zynga.my Link ] to set up your profile.
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Get ready to upgrade your troops and Command Powers! Collect XP from researches and get the rewards from the Tactical Leap event. Additionally, speeding up your research is discounted by half!

Read the FAQ here: [ Zynga.my Link ]
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Get more Command Points by using Bonus Command Point boost and dominate the battlefield! Craft them now in your War Factory and get extra rewards!

Read the FAQ here: [ Zynga.my Link ]
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Reminder to the winners, you only have until March 25, 11:59 pm PDT to submit the details of your game and for us to process the granting of rewards. Please fill out this form ([ Zynga.my Link ] as soon as possible. Congrats again!
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Attention, Commanders! #Playempiresandallies and collect stars now in Operation Hammerfall to earn exclusive Gunship X-250!
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Check out the winners from the St. Patrick's Day contest, Commanders! Players on the list should fill out this form ([ Zynga.my Link ] to claim your Pot of Gold rewards. Please submit your game details until March 25, 11:59 PDT. Thanks to all who participated and stay tuned for other events!
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#Playempiresandallies now and complete the Operation Killswitch missions! Defeat the GRA and retrieve the exclusive component to build the Ion Cannon!

Check the FAQ here: [ Zynga.my Link ]
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Commanders! Time to show off your offensive skills by completing the Stars of War mission! #Playempiresandallies now and participate in the event to get awesome rewards.

Read the FAQ here: [ Zynga.my Link ]
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03/21/2017 at 09:44. Facebook
Hurry and #Playempiresandallies now, Commanders! Deploy Colossus in battles and get bonus steel from wins before the Omega Ascension ends. Read more: ([ Zynga.my Link ]
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03/20/2017 at 16:10. Facebook
Another League Season is ongoing, Commanders! Fight to 'Medal Up' and reach the top of the Leaderboard to win Exclusive prizes! It's time to #Playempiresandallies! Read the FAQ: [ Zynga.my Link ]
Hello Commanders! Login and craft your way into a pot of Gold before the luck runs out! #CraftingCraze #Newevent #Empiresandallies
Happy St. Patricks Day, Commanders! Display your luck by joining in our contest below!
Luck is on our side Commanders! Crafting costs for select buildings and boosts have been reduced for this week. Login to craft your way to a pot of Gold. FAQ [ Zynga.my Link ].
Apply that Irish Charm with ‘Olive House Color’ on to your buildings and share a screenshot in the comment section. Customize your base to mark this occasion of St. Patrick’s Day!
1.Apply ‘Olive’ House colors that is available in Elite Cache to your base(s)
2.Take a screenshot and share it in the comments section with #stpatricksday #empiresandallies
3.FIVE coolest looking base wins...
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The 'Ides of March' contest has ended, Commanders. The correct answer is 'Julius Ceasar.' Thank you to all participants and stay tuned for the announcement of winners!
Commanders! #Playempireandallies now and complete the Operation Hammerfall missions to earn the exclusive Gunship boost. Deploy your best tactics and show your dominance!
Commanders, priority mission incoming: ELIMINATE ENEMY HEADQUARTERS! It's time to take charge and prove your supremacy.

Read more: [ Zynga.my Link ]
Commanders! Name the emperor who met his tragic end on this day. First 200 correct entries will win Gold rewards. Contest ends at 23:59 PDT on 03/16. #Playempiresandallies. Hint: "As a rule, men worry more about what they can't see than about what they can."