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Thanks for participating in the #SizeDoesMatter Twitter contest. We hope you had fun and found your perfect fit.
Congratulation to the contest winner!
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Know your lingerie! Here's a fun fact to get you started. #DidYouKnow
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Wishing you fabulous women a Happy New Year! Reach for the stars, we're here to support you all the way. ;)
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Here's a whole new way to make sure you find the perfect fit! Go ahead and try the app. There's a surprise at the end. [ Enamor.co.in Link ] #SizeDoesMatter
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Tis the season to be fabulous! Wishing you gorgeous ladies a very #MerryChristmas.
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Thanks for sharing your first time lingerie shopping experience. Congratulation to the contest winners.
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#Contest: Here’s a chance to win something exciting while you discover something too! All you have to do is find your perfect fit and share a screen shot of your coupon code. #SizeDoesMatter
Follow the link: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Psst: Click on “Join Fabulous Club Now” to reveal your unique coupon code.
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Everyday bras with that extra dose of style! Find your perfect fit here: [ Enamor.co.in Link ]
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Namita from TakeABow has showcased the importance of the right size and fit. The right bra makes all the difference. [ Enamor.co.in Link ] #SizeDoesMatter
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Gia from GiaSays shares a few 'bra hacks' that will give your lingerie a longer life. Watch the video to know more! [ Enamor.co.in Link ] #SizeDoesMatter
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#Contest: Your chance to win exciting gifts! Here's what you have to do:
1. Find your right size & fit here: [ Enamor.co.in Link ]
2. Tag a friend and tell us your ‘first time’ bra experience.
3. Don't forget to save a screen shot of your 'perfect fit' result.

Contest ends on: 12/12/2016, 6:30 pm.
Pssst... Multiple entries allowed.
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Having trouble finding the right size and fit? Namita shares a few pointers that will help you choose the right fit and style. Have a look. #SizeDoesMatter
See more: [ Enamor.co.in Link ]
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Did you know that size is determined based on the calculation between two measurements? Word of advise, get fitted by a specialist. #SizeDoesMatter
[ Enamor.co.in Link ]
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It's funny but true. Sukhneet from McCocoQueen makes conversation with a bunch of women who share anecdotes about 'getting fitted'. Share your first time story in the comments below.
Watch the full video here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Designed for comfort, with a smooth finish, they scream "perfection". Find the right bra for your ensemble! [ Enamor.co.in Link ]
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Did you know that throwing your precious lingerie in the machine will ruin them? Handwash your delicates for longer life. Know more: [ Enamor.co.in Link ]
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Studded with Swarovski Crystals and detailed with Guipure lace for a fabulous finish. Our lookbooks speak for themselves: [ Enamor.co.in Link ]
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"Does size matter?" Five gorgeous women were asked this age old question. Watch their adorable reactions and wait for what we had to say at the end. #SizeDoesMatter
See more: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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A tongue and cheek question that's got them tongue tied. ;) Stay tuned for the complete inside story.
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From lookbooks to lingerie tips, from delicate styles to a whole lot of oomph! [ Enamor.co.in Link ]

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