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End AIDS India
yesterday at 15:22. Facebook
Access to medicine & education is a major cause of concern among girls living with HIV. Unlike many girls living with HIV who are suffering in dark, Akshara is now able to live a better life with our help. Help us, Help Akshara! #GiveShaktiToTheGirlChid Donate now at : [ Bit.ly Link ]
End AIDS India
12/03/2016 at 10:32. Facebook
HIV does not end your spirit to live a happy life. You need to take necessary precaution and you too can live a normal life like Rohit.
End AIDS India
12/02/2016 at 11:12. Facebook
The world has not been fair to Malini. Adding to the woes of gender inequalities, she also is HIV positive. She’s alone and she needs our help, your help. This World AIDS Day, let us together build a society where girl children are protected, revered and loved. And to enable that we need your support. Contribute your bit at [ Bit.ly Link ] and show your support. #ShaktiToGirlChild #EndAIDSIndia
End AIDS India
12/01/2016 at 07:43. Facebook
Over the years, #EndAIDSIndia has made significant progress in eradicating AIDS in India but we still have a long way to go and we need your help. Be informed and educate others this #WorldAIDSDay.

Donate now. : [ Bit.ly Link ]
End AIDS India
12/01/2016 at 05:57. Facebook
On World AIDS Day 2016, make a difference in the lives of 30 girls living with HIV. #WorldAIDSDay2016 #ShaktiToTheGirlChild

Donate now:
End AIDS India
11/30/2016 at 13:52. Facebook
Here’s Ruchi, shunning the stigma this World AIDS Day with one picture at a time. She, without any hesitation is holding hands with people living with HIV to show them the support and love they need in abundance. #FeelNoShame in showering your love too. Join #EndAIDSIndia.
End AIDS India
11/29/2016 at 12:46. Facebook
Akshara lost her parents and brother to HIV. Now she’s all alone, living with HIV. She is calling out to us for help, do we hear her? Don’t ignore her cries, please visit [ Bit.ly Link ] and donate. #ShaktiToGirlChild #EndAIDSIndia
End AIDS India
11/28/2016 at 11:54. Facebook
There are thousands of people who’ve been living with HIV for years and they’re healthy and happy. People living with HIV need proper medical treatments which not only helps them live a healthy life but also prevents the virus from spreading, so we can all be safe. Help #EndAIDSIndia to help them. #FeelNoShame Donate Now: [ Bit.ly Link ]
People living with HIV can live a healthy and fulfilling life. Being HIV+ doesn’t make them any different and they’re a part of our society as much as we all are. There is absolutely no humiliation in it. This World AIDS Day, join us if you believe in the cause too. #EndAIDSIndia #FeelNoShame
This World AIDS Day, let us tell the world that there is absolutely no shame in living with HIV. Our champ here, who is living with HIV & proudly supports us. Do you? #EndAIDSIndia #FeelNoShame Donate now.
Click Here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
The youth of India has done pioneering work in strengthening India’s HIV response. Many young people living with HIV, engaged in sex work and /or drug use and /or belonging to atypical sexual orientation and gender identities have come forward to enhance their access to rights and health. If you are such a leader, or know somebody who is, do apply for the Alliance India Leadership Awards. Last...
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When we don’t have HIV,we tend to get misled by the information that we pick up in bits and pieces. The truth is that there are several myths and misconceptions about HIV, which are not only putting people at risk for infection but also preventing thousands from getting the treatment they may desperately need. It’s time to #EndAIDSIndia
Just raising your voice against AIDS is not enough. What we truly need at this point is to ACT against it. To expect the world to change without bringing a change in our own behavior, will do no good. Don’t you agree? #EndAIDSIndia
Leadership Awards Celebrating emerging leadership and saluting the established Commemorating World AIDS Day, 2016 Every year, World AIDS Day is held on the 1st of December and, is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV and...

Event - India HIV/AIDS Alliance

We all know that AIDS is deadly. Therefore, the best thing we can do is take precautions to avoid getting HIV in the first place by using condoms, always. The choice is yours. Protect yourself. Ask for a condom. #DoNotHesitate #EndAIDSIndia
Behavioural change is the only way to fight AIDS. In order to wipe out the insidious virus, we must unite to face the challenge. Come join hands with #EndAIDSIndia
Educating yourself about HIV/AIDS is the best precaution you can take since there is still no cure for AIDS. Our options are limited. What would you choose? learn more about AIDS here [ Bit.ly Link ] #EndAIDSIndia
HIV does not spread through casual contact. Therefore, sharing equipments, restrooms, coughing, sneezing, hugging, handshakes and eating together will NOT spread the virus. So, stop the paranoia and shun ignorance. #EndAIDSIndia #DoNotHesitate
#EndAIDSIndia is ready to end AIDS, one hug at a time. Are you with us? Visit [ Bit.ly Link ]