End AIDS India
03/24/2017 at 13:19. Facebook
It feels great when in our movement we get new like-minded friends. Vipul Sodhi created and shared this image with us to raise the awareness to #EndAIDS in India.
Please be a part of the movement and help people living with HIV. Support Now!
End AIDS India
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Extend your happiness by spending an small percentage of it on the children living with HIV.
Help us to #EndAids in India.
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End AIDS India
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Talking to people who you are close with can really help in times of need. Often, people go into a cocoon and become lonely which makes matters worse. Try helping a friend by being a listener. People need friends to confide to. Be that friend for someone. Do something for people living with HIV/AIDS.
A simple but a very important question. Won’t you do what feels right? Won’t you help people living with HIV/AIDS come out of their sufferings? Won’t you help? Do the right thing by donating today!
We have to end AIDS in India and we’re working towards it in full caliber. We know what we have to do. Do you? Help us fight AIDS.
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You possess the power to make people happy. You have the power to change lives of those living with HIV/AIDS. Put your power to good use. Do your bit for the society. bit.ly/EndAidsIndia
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Happiest Holi wishes from End AIDS India. May our lives be filled with colors of compassion and love for ever!
You can #BeAHero and you don’t need another superhero to remind you. Help someone see the light at the end of the tunnel. Guide them through the tunnel. Donate to end AIDS in India.
This #InternationalWomensDay, we salute the powerful women of our country who are perfect in whatever they do. Let us all make sure that these women in our lives remain happy, healthy and confident always. Happy Women’s Day!
Out of 2.1 million people living with HIV in India, 40% are women. Now that’s a big number considering that our future generation’s health is directly dependent on it. This #InternationalWomensDay let's pledge to keep her safe.
Don't be ignorant. Do not fall prey to prejudice and hate. If only we understand what these people go through. Life is already tough for them, don't make it worse. Help them to show your support.
Donate Now: bit.ly/EndAidsIndia
Recently, Metro.co.uk ran news about an Indian man who adopted 22 HIV+ children who were abandoned by their parents. Affectionately called Papa Reji, a 44 year old Rajib Thomas has been taking care of formerly-homeless HIV-positive children for almost a decade now. Read more here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
We don’t realize but sometimes we hurt people so bad, that it gets impossible for them to come out of it. Don’t get uncomfortable around people living with HIV. HIV does not spread through casual contact and hanging out together. Please understand that these people need you more now! Help them to show you support them. Donate @ bit.ly/EndAidsIndia
Our country has the third largest HIV epidemic in the world. With 2.1 million people living with HIV, we can only imagine how tough it can get to eradicate HIV/AIDS from the country. However, we are determined and we are certain that we’ll make India free of HIV/AIDS soon. We need your help. Please help us to win the war against AIDS. Donate @ bit.ly/EndAidsIndia
Good news! The officials of the Chandigarh State AIDS Control Society recently disclosed that the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Chandigarh has reduced from 0.27% in 2008 to 0.11% in 2016. That’s a great piece of news and we have to obtain better results across India. Let’s gear up and end AIDS in India.
Read more here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Of course and that’s because India is changing. We’re all more educated today and that’s what makes us more compassionate and understanding. Let’s continue to fight against prejudice by helping people who need our support. Donate today.
Would you get aboard a roller coaster ride despite it missing a safety belt? We guess, not. But how would you feel if you were made to sit without consent and left abandoned at the highest point of the track? That more or less describes the pain of people living with HIV. Help us get them off the scary spot. Please donate [ Bit.ly Link ]
#BeAHero #ActNowDonateNow
Pankaj is asking for help. Does his voice reach you? Can you hear the grief and helplessness in his voice? He was born with HIV and has been abandoned and left to die by his relatives. Clearly, he has nobody to go to but us! Help us help him. Donate [ Bit.ly Link ]
Little acts of kindness do wonders. Helping people get over their grief brings immense amount of satisfaction and happiness. Don’t believe us? Give it a try, would you? Donate now [ Bit.ly Link ]
For all those who are going through tough times, we urge you to stay strong a little longer, for there are better days coming very soon. You’ll emerge as a warrior. End AIDS India is with you in your fight and we’ll support you. We’re requesting all to join us in our fight against AIDS. Donate NOW [ Bit.ly Link ]